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14,000 Cannabis Plants Discovered On Illegal Mississippi Weed Farm

14,000 Cannabis Plants Discovered On Illegal Mississippi Weed Farm


14,000 Cannabis Plants Discovered On Illegal Mississippi Weed Farm

Authorities in Jefferson Davis County uncovered 14,000 cannabis plants hidden away at an illegal Mississippi weed farm—the largest amount of pot found in the state in 35 years.

Roughly 14,000 cannabis plants were discovered on an illegal Mississippi weed farm this week. Authorities discovered the plants in a woodland area in Jefferson Davis County. They were shocked to find the farm operating at such large capacity.

An Intricate Grow Operation

The farm was described as an intricate set-up. It included a complex irrigation system, a campsite with a cluster of live-in tents, and plant processing areas.

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) initially thought there were 6,000 plants with an estimated worth of $10 million. But that turned out to be a low-ball valuation.

Agents soon realized they underestimated the plant count, which was later reported as more than twice the size of their initial findings. The sheer quantity of the crop—with some plants measured at over six feet tall—means it’s worth millions more than originally appraised.

In fact, authorities have not told the public exactly how much the grow was worth. It also makes this the largest outdoor cannabis grow found in the state in 35 years. The irony? Mississippi is considered one of the most anti-cannabis states in the country.

Illegal Mississippi Weed Farm Busted by Bureau

14,000 Cannabis Plants Discovered On Illegal Mississippi Weed Farm

The cannabis farm first appeared on the MBN’s radar after a tip-off from an unnamed local source, according to local sources.

They began to surveil the area carefully, using drones to monitor activity in the area and to take footage for evidence. Helicopters were used as well.

The helicopters may have alerted workers at the cannabis farm that they were being watched by law enforcement. When members of the MBN finally arrived on the ground of the illegal Mississippi weed farm, the site was deserted.

Cell phones and guns were some of the only personal property left behind. “Our guess is they probably got spooked,” MBN Director John Dowdy told the press. “When we came in on the helicopters, we flew right in on the treetops to get confirmation.”

He continued: “We had people on the street who could get in there once we gave them the coordinates, but once we were able to cut our way back in here, nobody was in the place.”

Dowdy also acknowledged that the operation was “sophisticated” with an advanced infrastructure. He also stated his intent for the MBN to catch the people behind the operation.

“Somebody’s going to jail,” Dowdy said. As of now, the plants recovered from the Mississippi cannabis farm are in the process of being destroyed.

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