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You Can Permanently Lose Your Uber Account For Smelling Like Weed

You Can Permanently Lose Your Uber Account For Smelling Like Weed
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You Can Permanently Lose Your Uber Account For Smelling Like Weed

Uber should probably stop employing Narcs.

The waters are a bit murky when it comes to driving high—especially in today’s legal landscape. While there hasn’t been a definitive set of rules and regulations regarding ‘stoned driving,’ because, well, it’s almost impossible to accurately test a subject on-the-spot, there has been increased attention to the subject matter.

However, no one has ever mentioned anything about stoned passengers. Until now.

Apparently Uber, the ride-sharing car service, has just released a new policy—you can permanently lose your Uber account for smelling like weed.

Looks like we’re living in the 1970’s again, folks.

You Can Permanently Lose Your Uber Account For Smelling Like Weed

Let’s face it—we all hate narcs. They come in all shapes and sizes. However, your Uber driver might actually be the last person you’d expect to snitch on you for weed.

And it looks like one such squealer ruined it for the rest of us.

Mike Mulloy, an Uber passenger, tweeted a message from the company itself. In the message, Uber warned Mike of a permanent account ban.

“We’re reaching out because we have received a claim that you may have been in possession of an illegal substance on a recent trip. We take these claims very seriously. Our Community Guidelines explained that the use, transportation, or solicitation of drugs while riding with Uber is strictly prohibited.” 

Then, they added that another such an “offense” could result in “permanent account deactivation.”

While it does make sense that Uber would want to protect themselves from any trafficking claims, it was apparent that Mulloy didn’t even have any weed on him. In fact, he was doing the responsible thing and grabbing an Uber directly after smoking.

The site Mashablewho first reported on Mike’s grievance, reached out to Uber for comment. Their comments were pretty in-line with the policies outlined in the message to Mulloy.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol for both riders and drivers,” an Uber spokesperson said in the email to Mashable. “For a first-time offense, we send a warning to the rider. Multiple reports of problematic behavior may result in a review of their account status.”

Again, although it does make sense to have some sort of policy in place, because, you know, illegal drug dealing still exists, there should definitely be some revisions when it comes to marijuana. It would probably help to get some drivers that are a little less lame.

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