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Man Throws Coke-Fueled Tantrum Before Lighting a Joint on a Flight

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Man Throws Coke-Fueled Tantrum Before Lighting a Joint on a Flight

You know what they say— cocaine is one hell of a drug.

And perhaps no real-life scene could have encapsulated this timeless Dave Chappelle joke any better than that of a raging, dread-donning, coked-up plane passenger throwing a drug-induced tantrum before lighting a joint on a flight.

Yeah, that’s a real thing.

Coke-Fueled Tantrum Causes Emergency Landing

According to a report from TMZ, the American Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing after the unruly passenger lit up a fresh joint mid-freakout.

And yes, you read that correctly— this was on American Airlines, not Spirit, where, at least according to the internet, things like this appear to be rather commonplace.

It all started on a flight from Pheonix to Minneapolis. The plane ride, which typically takes around three hours, was forced to take a sudden halt after an hour, due to “a security issue in the back.” You can tell where this is going.

A man in the back— our dreadlocked, cocaine-snorting compadre— was allegedly telling other passengers that he was high on the white stuff, which caused a minor freak out in itself. Passengers were, understandably, a bit tense. He then ran to the bathroom and locked the door while flight attendants tried to cajole the tweaked-out individual out of the restroom, much to no avail.

After around ten minutes in the bathroom, the man returned to his seat noticeably jittery (wonder what he was doing in the bathroom?). According to the gossip news outlet, the plane landed five minutes later, and cops and EMT workers entered the stalled aircraft.

This is where the real action begins.

The man then pulls out a joint and a lighter and starts smoking his doobie right on the plane. The police tell passengers in the first thirteen rows to get off so they can escort the cocaine-slinging hell-raiser off.

As they apprehend the man and walk him off the plane, he punches one of the passengers. After they successfully remove him, they handcuff him and place him on a gurney—not without some resistance, though. He begins complaining about the handcuffs, demands them to be removed, and threatens the arresting officers.

“Take it off, it hurts. I’ll f***ing kill you!” the man shouted.

Shockingly, the man wasn’t arrested for his episode. Denver Police allegedly told TMZ that the man was taken to the hospital and wasn’t booked on any charges.

Moral of the story: perhaps not EVERYONE sporting dreadlocks is super chill. But something tells us this guy is somewhat of an outlier. Also, don’t randomly start smoking weed on a plane.

You can watch video of the incident, which starts when the man pulls out his joint, below.

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