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New Jersey Medical Marijuana Businesses Can Post Prices Online Now

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Businesses Can Post Prices Online Now
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New Jersey Medical Marijuana Businesses Can Post Prices Online Now

New Jersey medical marijuana patients won’t have to make a trip out just to find out the item they wanted wasn’t in stock.

New Jersey is implementing more new changes to its medical marijuana program. In recent months, the state has ramped up the volume and accessibility of the program. Now, dispensaries in the state will be allowed to publish product prices on their websites. The change will allow medical marijuana patients to see and compare prices before going to a dispensary to make a purchase.

New Jersey’s New Medical Marijuana Rule

As part of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, medical marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to carry out certain types of marketing and advertising.

In the past, that included publishing prices of products. Previously, the argument was that product pricing was a form of advertising.

But now, lawmakers in the state have decided to change that. As a result, medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey will now be allowed to publish the prices of their products. This change should allow patients to look up and compare prices before heading to a dispensary to make a purchase.

The change is the latest in what has become an ongoing effort to grow New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. Many of these changes have come since New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy moved into office.

In recent months, the number of medical marijuana patients has reportedly skyrocketed to over 33,000. Similarly, there are currently six medical marijuana dispensaries in operation. The state has plans to expand the number of dispensaries. In the very near future, authorities will issue six new grower-dispensary licenses.

Legal Changes in New Jersey

The growth of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program is largely the result of a number of new policy changes. For example, in March of this year, lawmakers expanded the list of qualifying conditions. In particular, they added anxiety, Tourette’s syndrome, migraine headaches, and two forms of chronic pain to the list.

By adding new conditions to the list, lawmakers made medical marijuana accessible to a larger cohort of patients. Moving even further, the March expansion also reduced patient fees for participating in the program from $200 to $100. For veterans and senior citizens, the fee was slashed down to $20.

More recently, lawmakers revised the forms of medical marijuana available to patients. In September, the state approved the use of vape cartridges for medical marijuana patients.

As with earlier changes, this revision to the medical marijuana program could theoretically make things more accessible by giving patients additional ways to medicate.

Potential Progress on Recreational Marijuana

All the marijuana-related activity in New Jersey isn’t limited just to medical cannabis. There is also increased activity on the recreational front as well.

Last month, lawmakers introduced a new, updated bill calling for the legalization of recreational weed. If this new bill were to become law, it would make it legal for adults 21 and older to purchase, possess, and consume small amounts of marijuana.

Importantly, the bill introduced last month would also do much more than simply make weed legal. In particular, the bill calls for taxes on recreational weed that would be among the lowest in the nation. The bill could also legalize smoking lounges and home delivery services.

Perhaps most important, the bill makes attempts to account for the harm caused by the war on drugs. To that end, the bill calls for setting aside a certain number of business license for applicants from “impact zones.” These are areas that have been especially hard-hit by prohibition. Even more, lawmakers are also working on a way to let people expunge cannabis crimes from their records.

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