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The NFL Offers To Study Weed For Pain Management

The NFL Offers To Study Weed For Pain Management


The NFL Offers To Study Weed For Pain Management

Considering the NFL maintains strict anti-drug policies, this offer for a weed study is a huge step in the right direction.

In a move that defies their strict anti-drug policy, the NFL offers to study weed for pain management. According to reports, the NFL has reached out to the Players Association to work together to study the use of cannabis for pain management.

The NFL, The NFLPA, and Weed

The offer to study medical cannabis for their players may come as a shock to those who follow American football. Since its creation, the NFL has maintained a certain set of standards for their players. These standards include a rigid anti-drug policy, which includes the prohibition of marijuana. It makes sense since cannabis is federally illegal. And since the NFL is under constant media scrutiny, it’s understandable that they would want to avoid controversy wherever they can.

The NFLPA, which is the union for players in the NFL, has already started to research medical marijuana. Furthermore, in an interview with the Washington Postthe executive director of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith, announced that the union was “preparing a proposal…that would result in a “less punitive” approach to recreational marijuana use by players.”

The weed researchers in the NFLPA are part of a pain management committee. The pain management committee, in turn, is a subcommittee of the Mackey-White traumatic brain injury committee.

Neither the subcommittee nor any other member of the NFLPA has commented on the NFL’s offer to work together.

Final Hit: The NFL Offers to Study Weed For Pain Management

The NFL Offers To Study Weed For Pain Management

The NFLPA has yet to comment on the NFL’s offer for a joint effort in studying cannabis for pain management. But this is still a huge step for the League. The NFL’s current anti-drug policies ban any marijuana use for their players. Those who test positive face the potential for suspension. This is even true when there are only trace amounts in their system. 35 nanograms per milliliter of urine or blood, to be exact. This policy is upheld even if the player lives in a state with a medical marijuana program, or legal cannabis in general.

For the NFL to even consider studying weed as a potentially acceptable treatment for pain management for their players is a step in the right direction. Even the owner of the Dallas Cowboys agrees.

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