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Arkansas Just Legalized Medical Marijuana

Arkansas Just Legalized Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Arkansas Just Legalized Medical Marijuana

Voters in Arkansas just made history by legalizing medical marijuana. This is big not only for Arkansas but the entire southeast region.

Voters in Arkansas just made history. That’s because they voted to legalize medical marijuana. This is big news. And not only because Arkansas will become the newest state with medical marijuana. It’s big news because it represents a big step forward for the entire region.

Arkansas Marijuana Legalization Details

Arkansas Issue 6 won a close race on Tuesday. When polls closed, 53.2% of voters said yes to the initiative. And 46.8% voted no.

Issue 6 will make many significant changes in Arkansas. When the law goes into effect, licensed doctors will be able to prescribe medical marijuana to patients.

18 health conditions will qualify for the new program. They include things like cancer, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C, and more.

Patients with a prescription will be able to buy directly from approved dispensaries. The new law will also set up some related programs to be sure it all runs smoothly.

A Big Step Forward

Many cannabis activists see this as a big step forward. A similar initiative failed in 2012. But this year things were different. And it could signal some important changes for the entire region.

According to one local source, “Arkansas has become the first state in the Bible Belt to legalize medical marijuana.” And activists hope it could bring other states along too.

“Arkansas voters just brought medical cannabis to the South,” said cannabis activist Tom Angell. “From here on it will be much easier to get other states on board. Notably Missouri and Oklahoma, both of which are expected to vote on medical marijuana in coming election cycles.”

Growing Support For Cannabis

Arkansas voters are in line with voters around the country. And it’s all adding up to some big time support. In fact, one survey found that there’s now more support for cannabis than ever before.

That survey found that 54% of Americans approve recreational marijuana. And that number goes up for medical marijuana. Somewhere around 89% of voters support medical cannabis.

All of this is leading to some real-world change. And not just in Arkansas. On Tuesday, eight other states were voting on new marijuana laws. And those laws passed in every state except one. Arizona voters chose not to legalize recreational cannabis.

 The Final Hit

Tuesday’s vote is a big win for marijuana in Arkansas. But there could be more drama yet to come. That’s because anti-pot groups aren’t happy with the outcome.

“This fight is not over,” said Family Council President Jerry Cox. “The battle now shifts to the Arkansas Legislature.”

Anti-pot groups like this one claim that medical marijuana laws are dangerous. They said that it’s an excuse to give people recreational cannabis. They also stated that it harms children.

But so far, the data doesn’t back them up. Numerous studies show the health benefits of cannabis. And it doesn’t lead to more use among young people.

So congratulations to Arkansas. Issue 6 will give patients much-needed access to medical marijuana, the medicine they need.

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