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Man Arrested After Calling 911 For “Rolling Papers”

Man Arrested After Calling 911 For "Rolling Papers"


Man Arrested After Calling 911 For “Rolling Papers”

Calling 911

Potheads are sometimes the funniest people in the world. Any Green Rush Daily reader worth her or his proverbial salt probably has a pretty impressive—and a pretty hilarious—repertoire of stories about doing all sorts of bizarre things while stoned. But have you ever found yourself calling 911 for “rolling papers?”

A 24-year-old man from Waynesboro, Virginia named Kyle Dustin Head was apparently hot-boxing his truck this weekend when he ran out of rolling papers. Not wanting his sesh to come to a premature ending, he called up his buddy to see if he could bring him some rolling papers.

The only problem with Head’s plan was that he called the wrong number. Instead of calling his friend’s number, he had inadvertently called 911.

Apparently, Head didn’t realize his mistake even after the 911 dispatcher picked up and started talking to him.

Head went on to ask the dispatcher if he could bring him over some rolling papers. Or, to use the language of the police report filed for the incident, Head spoke to the dispatcher “in a disoriented state requesting drug paraphernalia.”

The dispatcher then notified the cops, who went to Head’s location and found what they described as a man “sitting in a parked 2005 Chevrolet pick-up truck which had the strong odor of marijuana emanating from it.”

Upon looking into the parked truck, cops found Head—we’re guessing stoned out of his mind—sitting there with “leafy plant matter on the dashboard, passenger seat, and on Head’s clothing,” a local news station reported.

He’d even managed to get somehow herb stuck “in his right ear.”

While we have yet to hear how weed ended up in his ear, Head did inform “officers that he had been smoking marijuana recently”—just in case they hadn’t already figured that out.

The head was promptly given a misdemeanor for marijuana possession and then released.

Luckily for Head, it sounds like he got off relatively easy. Now the next time he gets stoned, he can tell all his friends about the time he called the cops and asked for rolling papers.

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