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Check Out This Congressman Vape in the Middle of a Legislative Hearing

Check Out This Congressman Vape in the Middle of Legislative Hearing - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Check Out This Congressman Vape in the Middle of a Legislative Hearing

It’s not everyday you see a Congressman vape while on the job, but sometimes a little demonstration can be the most powerful way to make a point.

At least that’s what California Representative Duncan Hunter was hoping when he started vaping in the middle of a legislative hearing last week.

The hearing was aimed at figuring out whether or not to move forward with a proposal to ban vaporizers from being used on airplanes.

Duncan, who has consistently been an outspoken supporter of vaporizers, began his comments by taking a quick drag on his vaporizer and exhaling a thick cloud of e-juice vapor.


“So this is called a vaporizer. There’s no combustion, there are no carcinogens,” he said as some members of the hearing chuckled and the lawmaker sitting next to him tried to clear the air of the vapor he’d just exhaled.

“There is no burning, there is nothing noxious about this whatsoever. This has helped thousands of people quit smoking. It’s helped me quit smoking.”

In his comments, Duncan made the case that the use of vaporizers should not be restricted because, as he put it, vaporizers are the way of the future.

He told fellow lawmakers that vaporizers would one day be used as a way of administering a variety of drugs including everything from ibuprofen to prozac.

He also said that the amendment proposing to ban the use of vaporizers on airplanes would also end up banning the use of more commonly used medical devices like asthma inhalers and nebulizers.

“The ability to take in any other form of medication in the future will be in something like a vaporizer,” he said.

“For freedom’s sake . . . I would urge my colleagues here to oppose this amendment.”

Duncan’s move has stirred up some controversy, and images of his now-famous vape are beginning to make the social media rounds.

Hunter has spoken out in favor of vaporizers in the past, and has credited them with helping him to quit smoking.

The vaping industry has been picking up steam in recent years, as it has attracted smokers and non-smokers alike with claims that it provides a significantly safer way to inhale tobacco, marijuana, and a variety of other nontobacco-based liquids.

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