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Hillary Clinton Accidently Says She Needs Some Marijuana For Her Cough

Hillary Clinton Accidently Says She Needs Some Marijuana For Her Cough


Hillary Clinton Accidently Says She Needs Some Marijuana For Her Cough

Hillary Clinton has been plagued with a cough for some time now during her presidential run. In a recent interview, she joked she might need some marijuana.

Hillary Clinton Jokes

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady, is at full throttle in her run for president on the Democratic party ticket. She recently made headlines during a Labor Day rally in Cleveland, OH at which she began to cough during her speech violently. Hillary Clinton jokingly responded that the cough was due to a ‘Trump allergy,’ referring to her boisterous Republican opponent for president, Donald Trump. This isn’t the first time Clinton has been in the news regarding speculation about her health. She’s been plagued with a cough for some time now during her run for president, and it didn’t stop during a recent radio show interview when she quipped that she might require some marijuana.

The Interview

Back in April, Clinton appeared on The Breakfast Club, the New York-based hip hop/talk radio show. On her previous appearance on the show, Clinton took some heat in the media for her claim that she carries hot sauce with her wherever she goes; many saw this as an attempt to pander to the electorate. This time, she received similar public attention for a different reason.

In the middle of the interview, she began to cough and excuse herself for the interruption. As she continued to hack, she attributed her difficulty to allergy season. Host Charlamagne then said, “You’re coughing like you got some medicinal,” referring to medical marijuana. Clinton’s reply was surprising: “I need some.” The response was met with uproarious laughter by the show’s hosts, but it again raises some speculation about the presidential hopeful: how committed is Hillary Clinton to the legal cannabis movement?

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Marijuana

Back in August, the DEA denied a five-year-old petition to reschedule marijuana. Currently, marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance among hard drugs like heroin and ecstasy. The DEA states that these substances have a high potential for abuse, and offer no medical value.

Following this news, Clinton’s campaign adviser Maya Harris confirmed that the prospective president is among the dissenters to the DEA’s decision. Harris told The Denver Post, “Marijuana is already being used for medical purposes in states across the country, and it has the potential for even further medical use.” She went on to say that Clinton’s plan, should she be elected to office, is to move marijuana to Schedule 2. While possession would remain generally illegal, it would be at least be a federal acknowledgement that marijuana does have accepted medical value.

“As Hillary Clinton has said throughout the campaign, we should make it easier to study marijuana so that we can better understand its potential benefits.” And moving marijuana to Schedule 2 would certainly make that possible. Harris added that Clinton would continue to allow those states which have legalized the drug for medicinal or recreational use to “serve as laboratories of democracy.”

Clinton’s joke on The Breakfast Club may have just been in good fun, but her platform seems to reinforce the idea that Clinton is amenable to cannabis’s value as being medically valuable.

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