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Wiz Khalifa Took A Lie Detector Test About Weed

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Wiz Khalifa Took A Lie Detector Test About Weed

Watch the “Rolling Papers 2” rapper answer questions about love, the Illuminati and, of course, weed, all while strapped up to a lie detector.

Wiz Khalifa has been very vocal about how much he loves weed. The Rolling Papers 2 rapper has claimed that he’s high all day every day and that his smoking habit costs around $10,000 a month. But are all his professions about pot true? Fortunately, Wiz Khalifa took a lie detector test answering these questions on video. So you can watch and decide for yourself.

Wiz Khalifa Talks Philosophy, Smoking Buddies and Weed

In a neutral colored basement reminiscent of an FBI interrogation room, Wiz Khalifa sits down to answer a flurry of questions—all while hooked up to a lie detector. The first topic on the list: When it comes to cannabis, does he really smoke and spend as much as he says he does? He recently gave a tour of his Los Angeles house, which included many a smoking spot and a dab bar.

They start off with some basic questions, coupled with some ominous cinematography. Wiz responds with his name, his rap moniker and answers whether he’s nervous about the interview (yes, he says, but who can blame him?).

Naturally, the biggest item on the agenda was weed. “Are you high right now?” the anonymous questioner asks. Knowing anything about Wiz Khalifa, you already know the answer. After confessing that he got high on the way to the interview, Khalifa laughs, “I’m snitching on myself!”

Then comes the big question. Does he actually spend $10,000 a month on weed, as he once famously said? “It’s probably more now,” Khalifa answers. The polygraph, operated by a no-nonsense examiner, doesn’t move. It looks like the “Something New” rapper is telling the truth about how much cash it takes to constantly smoke the highest quality herb.

Considering Khalifa’s stoner rep, there were many more weed questions to come. Is there such a thing as being too high? No. Is it better to be too high or too drunk? Who has he smoked weed with? They also ask the question about everyone hip-hop/weed fan’s mind: Who actually smokes more, Wiz Khalifa or his best friend/smoking buddy, Snoop Dogg? The answer might surprise you.

Beyond Weed: A Look At Wiz Khalifa’s Philosophy

Though, of course, weed undoubtedly plays a big part Wiz Khalifa’s outlook on life, he also shared some non-weed related philosophy. For instance, Wiz Khalifa does believe in love, the lie detector confirms. He wants to guest star on Rick and Morty. Khalifa also doesn’t believe in free will, at least the way we know it.

But one question remains. Did he lie during his interview? “I don’t know if you caught me, but I told some non-truths,” he answers.

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