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Rumors That The DEA Will Reschedule Marijuana Are Not True

Rumors That The DEA Will Reschedule Marijuana Are Not True


Rumors That The DEA Will Reschedule Marijuana Are Not True

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The Internet is buzzing with claims that the DEA is planning to reschedule marijuana on August 1. But, unfortunately for the cannabis community, those claims are most likely not true. The whole thing started a few days ago when the Santa Monica Observer published an article called “U.S. Gov’t Will Legalize Marijuana on August 1.”

The article claimed to have insider information from someone referred to as “the DEA Lawyer.” According to the article, “the DEA Lawyer” told an “informant of the DEA’s plan to legalize medicinal cannabis nationwide on August 1, 2016.”

Shortly after the article was published, cannabis blogs and forums started blowing up with the news. A link to the article was posted to Reddit’s Politics forum and within 24 hours it had more than 2,000 comments. But it looks like the entire thing is most likely an unfounded rumor.

The original article never actually revealed who it’s source is. It also doesn’t provide any actual evidence for the claims it makes. And after reviewing the original article and the plethora of other materials that popped up after it was published, concluded that the claim is unproven.

So, to put the rumors to rest and to clarify the situation, here’s really what’s going on. Marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule I substance.

Drugs in that category are considered to have no medicinal uses. They’re also considered to be the most dangerous, and are typically the most heavily criminalized.

For a long time now, groups of activists and politicians have called for the DEA to reschedule cannabis to something less severe.

That would make it easier for people to access cannabis, and would decrease the punishments people get for having or using marijuana.

But so far, the DEA hasn’t made any move in that direction. In fact, the agency has formally considered rescheduling cannabis on at least three separate occasions.

Each time, it decided not to change the drug’s classification. The most recent development on the topic came in late April of this year.

Rumors That The DEA Will Reschedule Marijuana Are Not True

At that time, the DEA issued a memo to lawmakers saying that it might consider reclassifying cannabis. The memo said that any decision made, would come sometime before the end of July.

So far, the DEA hasn’t said anything more on the subject. And as of now, many experts say that it’s still very unlikely that the DEA will reschedule cannabis anytime soon. In the end, it looks like the Santa Monica Observer’s article is nothing more than an optimistic rumor.

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