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Which U.S. President Smoked Weed In The White House?

Which U.S. President Smoked Weed In The White House? - Green Rush Daily


Which U.S. President Smoked Weed In The White House?

Did a President smoke weed in the White House?

The legal history of federal marijuana prohibition is an interesting one. In fact, cannabis sativa in was regulated by the British Crown all the way back to the colonial days, beginning as early as 1619.

It was in 1906 that the United States government required cannabis to be labeled as a “poison.” Come the 1920s, outright prohibition was in place.

The point is that an anti-marijuana stance is at the root of our federal government. And of course, even today cannabis consumption is prohibited at the federal level, causing major problems for the fast-growing legal cannabis industry.

But if you’re the leader of the free world, you can do whatever you want—more or less. And the White House is certainly no stranger to scandals, having hosted at least a few U.S. presidents who loved to party.

Now it may not surprise you that legendary pot icons like Willy Nelson and Snoop Dogg claim to have burned a few down in the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital, but did any U.S. Presidents ever blaze inside the White House?

Probably more have than we’ll ever know about, but there is one incredible story about John F. Kennedy getting ripped in the middle of multiple national security crises involving Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Which U.S. President Smoked Weed In The White House? - Green Rush Daily

Just two months before hosting a conference on narcotics at the White House, President John F. Kennedy lit up with his then-mistress, the American socialite Mary Meyer.

On July 16, 1962, Meyer paid a visit to the White House after Pres. Kennedy joked he wanted to smoke some weed.

According to history professor Michael O’Brien, “The President smoked three of the six joints Mary brought to him.”.

“At first,” O’Brien continues, “Kennedy felt no effects. Then, he closed his eyes and refused a fourth joint.”

“Suppose the Russians did something now,” Kennedy said. Allegedly, Kennedy told Mary that the pot “isn’t like cocaine,” and he informed her that he would get her some cocaine. Meyer is reported to have scored the pot from Washington Post executive Jim Truitt.

It’s a wonderful coincidence that Pres. Kennedy decided to smoke some mary jane with Mary Meyer.

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