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Pot-Smoking Robin Hood Returns Wallet But Spends The Cash On Weed

Pot-Smoking Robin Hood Returns Wallet But Spends The Cash On Weed - Green Rush Daily


Pot-Smoking Robin Hood Returns Wallet But Spends The Cash On Weed

“I kept the cash because I needed weed, and the wallet because it’s kinda cool. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

That’s a line from a marvelous letter received by one Reilly Flaherty, who had the “credit cards and other important stuff” returned to him along with the note admitting the thief found a great way to spend the cash.

The anonymous wallet thief, who apparently signs his letters with the salutation “toodles,” used the address on Flaherty’s diver’s license to return his credit cards and other important documents to their rightful owner.

The cash, however (and, for those counting, a metrocard), did not make it back.

The thief spent the dough on marijuana.

The 28-year old Flaherty misplaced his wallet on Feb. 5 at a show by the band Wilco. He describes being stunned when he got the plain white envelope two weeks later containing the letter, his driver’s license and credit cards.

Although surprised by the letter, Flaherty admits he was eventually a bit miffed about what happened. He wanted the cash back, too.

“I quickly went from being hysterical to like, this guy is selfish,” said Flaherty.

Maybe the two could have been friends, Flaherty found himself speculating. At least they’re both into weed and alt-country music.

“I would say, ‘Man, we would’ve gotten along — we’re both into Wilco — but you turned out to be super selfish,’ ” he said. “It speaks to the New York mentality: I’m going to be nice but there’s going to be an asterisk.”

After losing his wallet in an Uber car on the ride home from the Wilco show, Reilly had given up on every finding it.

He did devote a whole hour to trying to track it down, he says. That’s why the letter was so surprising.

“I was perplexed by this plain white envelope. Is this anthrax?” he said. “I open it up and sure enough, it’s just the credit card and pretty much everything that’s of no value to me.” Flaherty had already cancelled his credit cards and ordered a replacement ID.

Flaherty admitted he wasn’t completely angry at the wallet bandit, though.

“You gotta respect the honesty,” he said.

(Photo: Steven Hirsch)

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