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SUNY Oswego Student Caught With 41 pounds Of Weed

SUNY Oswego Student Caught With 41 pounds Of Weed


SUNY Oswego Student Caught With 41 pounds Of Weed

A SUNY Oswego student caught with 41 pounds of weed is certainly attention grabbing. What went down in the college town?

On Sunday in New York, police officers arrested a SUNY Oswego student caught with 41 pounds of weed. The police officers found the weed in the student’s car during a traffic stop. He has already been charged, arraigned, and remanded to the Oswego County Jail.

Kickin’ Off The School Year

SUNY Oswego Student Caught With 41 pounds Of Weed

Ah, the first week back to school. For most of us, this time is marked by shopping sprees at Staples and Barnes and Noble, catching up with friends, meeting new people, and possibly moving into a new dorm. It’s generally a positive time for everyone who loves being in school.

For nineteen-year-old John J. Turano, Jr., however, this year turned out just slightly different than planned. The police arrested Turano, a student at SUNY Oswego, on Sunday during a traffic stop. When University police officers searched his car, they found a whopping total of 41 pounds of weed.

Turano, originally hailing from Whitestone, Queens, is a sophomore at SUNY Oswego. Or, he was, at least. As of now, it is unclear whether or not the school will permit him to continue his education at that institution.

Instead of charging school supplies and textbooks to his credit card, this college student has been charged. The counts include felony possession of cannabis (of course), vehicular equipment violations, and possession of a controlled substance.

Turano has been arraigned and remanded to Oswego County Jail on either $20,000 bond, or $10,000 cash. Hey, at least his bail is probably less than his tuition!

Final Hit: SUNY Oswego Student Caught With 41 Pounds Of Weed

While the details of this case are limited, we can probably fill in a few blanks. Because of the quantity of weed that John Turano had in his vehicle, one can surmise that the intention was to sell it for a profit. We’re not saying that Turano was definitely a weed dealer, but that’s certainly what it looks like.

Despite the myriad research proving weed’s health benefits, cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that the federal government does not recognize it to have any medical value. It’s in the same category as heroin and ecstasy. As such, weed is federally illegal, even though the laws regarding it vary state by state.

As long as cannabis is illegal on a federal level, there will be a black market for it. Even now that some states, like Oregon and Colorado, have legalized it, unregulated markets for it are thriving because of its federally illicit status.

Cannabis prohibition has ruined countless lives and destroyed countless futures. A SUNY Oswego student caught with 41 pounds of weed is the just the tip of the iceberg. The way to prevent this is full-scale legalization. If the federal government lifts the ban on weed, the black market for it can eventually die down. As a result, the police will arrest fewer people for it, and the court system can refocus their time and energy on more important matters.

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