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Teens Call Police After The Weed They Were Selling Was Stolen

Teens Call Police After The Weed They Were Selling Was Stolen
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Teens Call Police After The Weed They Were Selling Was Stolen

Police say the two people suspected of stealing an eighth of weed off some teenage drug dealers are still at large.

On Saturday, July 7, Rochester police received an unusual call. It’s not uncommon for someone to contact police after they’ve been robbed. It’s just not the best idea when the stolen goods are also illegal contraband. But that didn’t stop two teens from calling the police to report the theft of an eighth of weed they had hoped to sell.

Teens Call Cops After Their Drug Deal Goes Awry

According to Rochester Police Lieutenant Mike Sadauskis, two teenage boys aged 15 and 16 called his department after they had some marijuana stolen from them during an attempted drug deal.

Apparently, the two boys had arranged to sell an eighth of weed in the parking lot of HyVee Barlow, a local department store in Rochester.

At about 6:30 p.m., the two boys met up with the prospective buyers. Two people got into the back seat of the teenagers’ car.

The teens proceeded to weigh out what they said was about $60-worth of cannabis. And that’s about the going price for a single eighth of good weed.

But while they were using their scale, the people in the backseat suddenly snatched all the weed they could. Then, they took off back to their own vehicle in an attempt to escape the stunned teens.

But the two boys gave chase, following the thieves back to their car. One teen managed to wrestle away a wallet before the other weed thief pointed a gun at them and took off.

That’s the point when the two teens, fresh off a bad drug deal, decided to call the police. After all, they had been the victims of a crime.

Police Still Searching For Weed Thieves, Say Teens Could Face Charges

When Rochester police arrived on the scene, they immediately searched the teens’ vehicle. The search turned up a small amount of cannabis, likely the weed the thieves weren’t able to grab or the teens’ own stash.

Police also found prescription drugs, but there are no specific details about that at this time.

Everyone involved is alleged to have committed at least one crime. And police are still on the hunt for the two suspects who robbed the two teen drug dealers. As of this afternoon, they are still at large. Lieutenant Sadauskis said that the teenagers could face charges for dealing drugs.

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