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Ex-NFL Player Ryan O’Callaghan: Weed Is A Godsend For NFL Players

Weed Is A Godsend For NFL Players


Ex-NFL Player Ryan O’Callaghan: Weed Is A Godsend For NFL Players

Former NFL offensive lineman Ryan O’Callaghan claims weed Is a godsend for NFL players. O’Callaghan joins the ranks of current and former players speaking out in favor of medical cannabis.

Former New England Patriots offensive tackle Ryan O’Callaghan believes weed is a godsend for NFL players. Given his position, he hopes that the league soon changes its controversial ban on cannabis.

O’Callaghan Claims Weed is a Godsend For NFL Players

Weed Is A Godsend For NFL Players

The NFL has long been lukewarm on the idea of integrating legal cannabis into the league. Although the league has no problem handing out painkillers like candy, cannabis is still considered a drug rather than medicine.

More recently, the league has found itself facing controversy following new research on brain trauma and disease associated with the game. And despite a growing movement among NFL players calling on the league to change its stance on cannabis, the league continues to ban it.

But according to O’Callaghan, medical marijuana is a much better option than traditional painkillers because of its non-addictive qualities.

“For people like me, marijuana is a godsend because you don’t want to take these pills,” he said in a recent interview with USA TODAY Sports. “Marijuana is not addicting. People who say that have never smoked it. I have an addictive personality. It’s not addictive.”

O’Callaghan also explained that smoking cannabis could help players deal with the stress and pressures of being an NFL athlete.

“The NFL can be stressful, and there’s not a lot you can do,” O’Callaghan said. “Smoking a joint’s pretty harmless. It really is. Don’t tell the Attorney General that, but it’s very harmless.”

O’Callaghan went on to suggest that the NFL’s cannabis ban is disingenuous. “They know it’s harmless, and it’s not performance enhancing,” O’Callaghan said. “I’ve known guys who’ve played stoned.”

Final Hit: Weed Is A Godsend For NFL Players

O’Callaghan is no stranger to the dangers of playing professional sports. After five operations, he now has a replacement left shoulder. Additionally, he’s suffered injuries to his right shoulder and his hands.

Like many other NFL players, he struggled with an addiction to prescription painkillers. Now, the 33-year-old retiree said he uses cannabis every day to treat the pain associated with his career. For him, medical cannabis has been a much safer alternative.

In addition to speaking out in favor of medical cannabis, O’Callaghan recently made headlines when he came out as gay. O’Callaghan said he battled with depression and suicide throughout his time in the NFL and claimed he was considering killing himself following his playing days.

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