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Why The 2016 Summer Olympics Could Be Cannabis Lit

Why The 2016 Summer Olympics Could Be Cannabis Lit


Why The 2016 Summer Olympics Could Be Cannabis Lit

The 2016 Rio De Janeiro summer games are in exactly 100 days, and there’s some serious buzz about these particular Olympics. With drama about the late construction of the venues, the Zika Virus, Rio doesn’t sound like it’ll have a fun Olympic Village. But could cannabis make the Rio Games lit as fuck?

Recently, cannabis in Rio has been in the media because the government is seriously considering decriminalization marijuana and all illegal drugs. This is an effort by the country to try to stop violence and murders in association with illegal drugs. However, cannabis is still available and can be easily found.

According to a tourist, the best cannabis in Brazil comes from the beach, where it is easy to find, but also not the best quality. The famous cannabis location of Ipanema still has vendors that will supply cannabis to tourists and locals alike.

Cannabis in Rio is also incredibly cheap. Like we’re talking .5$ per gram when it comes to buying off of the beach or local vendors. You might find some athletes on the low low taking it down to the beach to celebrate a gold win. (We’re looking at you Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps).

However, the Olympics might not be all that cannabis friendly. The slums, know as, “favela” are located in Rio De Janeiro and are known for selling illicit drugs. The region is also known as, “Cracolandia,” meaning crackland.

The dealers are visibly holding AK-15 assault rifles to fight against the police if they were ever to stop their business of selling low-quality weed and cocaine. This area of about 1 million people uses drug dealing to earn money for the community that is in a significant depression.

After the World Cup Bid was awarded to Rio, drug selling, and buying was more of offense to try to make the country suitable for tourists. However, this meant that drug selling became even more violent in areas that drug dealing and smuggling were prominent. These areas were the slums of Rio.

Therefore, to get good quality weed, and not just your generic beach weed, visitors will have to go deep into the slums of Rio. These buyers will face assault rifles and fear of getting locked up abroad.

Currently, the penalty for buying weed, even if you aren’t from Rio is jail time. But the corruption of the police force is evident, so carrying a few American dollars might get you out of a serious jam.

So with all the evidence, just don’t try it. The consequences and the dangerous nature of buying weed in Rio might make these Olympics not so lit. Sorry athletes, you’ll have to celebrate gold a different way.

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