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Canadian Patients Will Soon Be Allowed To Grow Their Own Cannabis

Canadian Patients Will Soon Be Allowed To Grow Their Own Cannabis

Medical Marijuana

Canadian Patients Will Soon Be Allowed To Grow Their Own Cannabis

Canadian Cannabis Laws

Long Story Short

Canadian medical cannabis patients will soon be able to grow their own plants at home. The change is part of some new laws that are set to go into effect on August 24.

The Details

Earlier this year, the medical cannabis community in Canada won a big victory. On February 24 Federal Judge Michael Phelan struck down a law that made it illegal for medical cannabis patients to grow their own weed.

He said the restriction violated patients’ rights by forcing them to buy their medicine from a commercial supplier. Phelan went on to say that medical cannabis patients in Canada should have the right to grow their own medicine. He gave the Canadian government six months to come up with new laws about home growing medical cannabis.

And now, those new laws are about to change the medical marijuana scene in Canada. Under the new rules, registered patients can grow “a limited amount of cannabis” for their own medical uses. They can also have someone else grow it for them. In this case, the grower needs to pass a background check first.

“If an individual wants to produce a limited amount of cannabis for his/her own medical purposes, he/she must submit an application to register with Health Canada,” the Canadian government said in a statement.

“An original medical document from the health-care practitioner must be provided and the application must include information such as the location of where cannabis will be produced and stored.”

And finally, they can continue buying medical cannabis from one of the 34 government approved growers and producers.

Canada Changing Cannabis Laws

The changes scheduled to take effect later this month are the latest in the ongoing evolution of Canada’s changing cannabis laws. Back when Judge Phelan made his decision, cannabis advocates called it “a complete victory.” And they’re hoping for even bigger victories in the near future.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has talked about legalizing cannabis ever since taking office. Last April, Health Minister Jane Philpott said that the government would take steps in that direction soon. She said that sometime by spring 2017 the federal government would put forth legislation that would start the legalization process.

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