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Colombia Set To Begin Growing Medical Marijuana

Colombia Set To Begin Growing Medical Marijuana


Colombia Set To Begin Growing Medical Marijuana

Colombia set to begin a new project aimed at growing high-quality medical marijuana.

The government-approved growing project will take place in the province of Boyaca.

The project will be led by the Government of Boyaca along with a Canadian lab called Canavida and the Pedagogical and Technical University of Colombia (UPTC).

According to reports coming out of Colombia, the main goal of the project is to grow cannabis that will be used in research.

The research will focus primarily on figuring out how cannabis might be used to treat health conditions like epilepsy and cancer.

The Boyaca cannabis growing project comes on the heels of a significant change in cannabis laws last year.

In December 2015, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree that made it legal to grow and sell medical marijuana.

He said the new laws would “put Colombia at the vanguard and forefront of the fight against illnesses.”

Boyaca’s secretary of agriculture Jorge Ivan Londoño confirmed the new growing project.

He said that the province of Boyaca has already set aside 10 hectares for growing the cannabis. That’s just under 25 acres of land.

“Initially, it would be experimental,” Londoño said.

“But if it works the idea is to expand the number of hectares planted.”

Colombia Set To Begin Growing Medical Marijuana

He said that local farmers would at some point be able to get involved in growing the plant. He also hopes that one-day cannabis could be a more productive crop for the province than potatoes and coffee.

For now the cannabis growing project will focus on producing high-quality cannabis flowers for medical research.

Londoño said that the project plans on growing 100 percent organic cannabis.

Colombia’s new government-approved growing operation is a significant development on the global cannabis scene.

Around the world, many countries are starting to question and change their laws about marijuana.

In the U.S., for example, 24 states and Washington D.C. have legalized medical marijuana. And political leaders in Canada and Mexico have talked a lot about taking steps toward full cannabis legalization.

More broadly, the Global Commission on Drug Policy recently called on the UN to encourage countries to change their drug laws.

The Commission said that the global war on drugs has created more problems than it’s solved. It also said that countries around the world need to start legalizing drugs like cannabis.

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