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Philippine Cops Killed 32, Seized Weed In Day Of Bloody Drug Raids

Philippine Cops Killed 32, Seized Weed In Day Of Bloody Drug Raids


Philippine Cops Killed 32, Seized Weed In Day Of Bloody Drug Raids

In the province of Bulacan, Philippine cops killed 32 people in the span of 24 hours.

In the past 24 hours, Philippine cops killed 32 people, arrested over 100 more, and seized stashes of weed in what has been described as the deadliest day of the Philippine Drug War. In those 24 hours, the police conducted raids, buy-busts, and checkpoint searches. According to sources, they seized 786 grams of weed and 230 grams of what they believe to be crystal meth.

Bloody Tuesday

Philippine Cops Killed 32, Seized Weed In Day Of Bloody Drug Raids

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The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, lives in infamy as the instigator of the deadliest drug war in recent history. Under his rule, over 7,000 drug dealers and drug users—both confirmed and suspected—have been killed.

Duterte planned this. It was his platform when he was running for president. He even advised voters to create more funeral parlors. “They will be packed,” he said. “I’ll supply the dead bodies.”

Duterte described the police’s actions as “one time, big time.” The slaughter happened in the Bulacan province. As confirmed by the Bulacan Police Superintendent Romeo Caramat, the police conducted 49 buy-busts (also known as sting operations), 14 raids, two checkpoint searches, and one search warrant serve.

Both Duterte and Caramat expressed pride in light of the killings. In a speech, Duterte even called for 32 more killings every day.

While it’s true that in the raids, the police seized cannabis, critics continue to focus on the brutality of the country’s war on drugs. As the most recent raids show, the drug war in the Philippines is brutal and relentless. Thanks to President Duterte’s stance on anyone involved in drugs, whether they are a dealer or just a user, thousands of people have been murdered.

The killings carried out by the police are lauded and encouraged by Duterte. According to reports by human rights activists, the majority of the killings are executions carried out by the police.

Worse still, the Philippine government may have plans to implement mandatory drug testing in schools. This plan would primarily target high schools and colleges. If put into action, critics fear it could endanger the lives of countless teenagers and young adults.

Final Hit: Philippine Cops Killed 32 People in 24 Hours

Like the Philippines, the United States has been engaged in a “war on drugs.” Fortunately, it is nowhere near as deadly in the States as it is in the Philippines, where the Philippine cops killed 32 people in 24 hours.

But that doesn’t mean it would never happen here. In May, the transcript of a phone call between Donald Trump and Duterte was leaked to the media. In the phone call, Trump praised Duterte’s “tough on drugs” stance.

Trump phrased it as an “unbelievable job on the drug problem.” It’s highly unlikely that Trump would (or could) take a page out of Duterte’s book and apply such efforts to the opioid epidemic in the United States. But for many, Duterte’s bloody war on drugs is a reminder to continue thinking about the harm caused by the U.S.’s war on drugs, as well as the way we treat addiction.

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