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Smoking Scorpions Is The New Trend Lighting Up Pakistan

Smoking Scorpions Is The New Trend Lighting Up Pakistan


Smoking Scorpions Is The New Trend Lighting Up Pakistan

In certain parts of Pakistan, people are smoking scorpions to get high. Stats are hard to come by, but the trend could be a response to weed prohibition laws.

Believe it or not, smoking scorpions instead of smoking weed is actually a thing. In fact, it’s becoming popular in certain areas of Pakistan. People have been smoking scorpions for a while now, and while stats remain hard to gather, it looks like there are pockets of addicted scorpion smokers throughout not just Pakistan, but South Asia in general.

Smoking Scorpions Is Actually A Thing

Smoking Scorpions Is The New Trend Lighting Up Pakistan

Apparently, there are a few ways to get high from scorpion venom. The most rudimentary is to simply let yourself get stung. In some parts of India, vendors set up shop and sell a “sting of pleasure” for a small fee.

Along with getting stung, people also burn live scorpions to death on an open flame or on a stove. Users then inhale the smoke.

Alternatively, people will kill a scorpion or find one that’s already dead. After letting it dry out in the sun, people crush it into a powder. From there, the dried scorpion is rolled up into a cigarette. It’s often combined with tobacco, hash, and sometimes opium.

One way or another, after a person gets the scorpion venom coursing through their veins, they experience a range of effects.

Most immediately, they experience serious pain for around six hours. During that time, the body is adjusting to all the toxins.

After the pain subsides, most people experience a pleasant high. Some describe it as psychedelic and hallucinogenic. Others describe it as something similar to a super intense weed high.

Still, others say it gives them a kind of intense out-of-body experience. All told, the high can last anywhere from ten hours to three days.

Smoking Scorpions Could Be Growing In Popularity

Smoking Scorpions Is The New Trend Lighting Up Pakistan

Sources say that folks in certain regions of South Asia—especially Pakistan and India—have been smoking scorpions for decades. And now, the practice may be growing in popularity in Pakistan.

It’s hard to know for sure because stats are hard to come by. Smoking scorpions is certainly a fringe thing, and most people do it secretly and in private, so there are not any official means for gathering information about who smokes scorpions and how many people do it.

Similarly, there hasn’t been a lot of research yet. That’s because it’s still a relatively obscure drug. But one doctor in Pakistan said that smoking scorpions has a variety of negative side effects.

According to Dr. Azaz Jamal, it can lead to short- and long-term memory loss, sleeping problems, appetite disorders, and in some cases it can throw people into an almost constant state of delusion. On top of that, it can also be extremely addictive.

Final Hit: Smoking Scorpions Is The New Trend Lighting Up Pakistan

It’s not entirely clear why people turn to smoking scorpions. It could be because they just prefer it to other drugs. Or it could be a response to laws that prohibit drugs and other substances.

For example, cannabis remains illegal in Pakistan. Instead of getting in legal trouble for smoking weed, some people may prefer to smoke scorpions instead, knowing they can’t get into any trouble for it.

One way or another, this unexpected and potentially dangerous way to get high could be the newest trend sweeping through Pakistan.

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