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Best CBD Dog Treats to Give Fido

Top Four CBD Treats for Fido


Best CBD Dog Treats to Give Fido

CBD Treats For Ailing Puppers

Does your dog seem down in the dumps? Is your feline’s catnip just not doing the trick? Is your pet showing signs of anxiety, joint pain, or depression? Look no further than this for an answer: cannabis-infused pet treats.

Treats containing Cannabidiol — also known as CBD — help pets deal with anxiety and fear. Simply put, they act as calming agents. And unlike TCH, CBD does not create the usual euphoric sensation associated with weed use. So no, you’re not getting your dog or cat stoned without their consent, and yes, it’s ethical to use.

So now that you know the basics, which treats should you get for Fido?

1. Treatibles

Top Four CBD Treats for Fido

Marketed as “hemp wellness chews,” Treatibles offer plant-based treats for a wide range of household pets (AKA dogs of different sizes). According to their website, the snacks can be used to treat a “broad spectrum of conditions and helps to facilitate calm and balance.” Safe and non-toxic, the treats take anywhere from five minutes to almost an hour to kick in, so pet-owners should monitor their pets for the first few times they try Treatibles to see how long they take. Depending on the pet, the company has a handy guide to let you know how many snacks can be imbibed in one day.


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