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This $100,000 White Gold Vaporizer is Bejeweled With 3000 Diamonds

This $100,000 White Gold Vaporizer is Bejeweled With 3000 Diamonds
Double Barrel


This $100,000 White Gold Vaporizer is Bejeweled With 3000 Diamonds

Double Barrel debuts a vaporizer designed strictly for ballers.

The legal marijuana market has opened up all sorts of new ideas and possibilities. In particular, the high-end luxury niche is one space that has seen a fair amount of activity.

Often, companies that make marijuana, marijuana products, or marijuana accessories come up with out of this world, top-shelf goods. Now, vaporizer company Double Barrel has come up with the ultimate luxury vaping experience: a $100,000 diamond-encrusted vaporizer.

Meet the Diamond Double Barrel

Every aspect of the Diamond Double Barrel is designed for the luxury retail market. More specifically, the highest echelons of that space.

Starting at the foundation, the Diamond Double Barrel features Double Barrel’s one-of-a-kind twin vaporizer. This device lets you load up two separate vape cartridges. Then, when you fire it up, it evenly heats both cartridges.

When you inhale, the Double Barrel gives you a lungful of smooth and tasty vapor—from both cartridges at the same time.

The whole idea of this design is to give consumers more vaping options. By mixing and matching different oils and strains, you can customize your perfect vaping experience.

For most of Double Barrel’s product line, that’s where things end. But not with the Diamond Double Barrel. For this top-shelf vape, that’s just the beginning.

The body of the vaporizer is made out of solid white gold. This sets the tone for the vaporizer’s next-level style. The exterior of the vaporizer is a subtle yet distinctive camouflage pattern. To top it all off, the entire thing is encrusted in thousands of hand-selected, hand-laid diamonds.

All told, the 21-carat Diamond Double Barrel uses almost 3,000 diamonds. And it’s made with 151 grams of white gold. Clearly, this is the pinnacle of luxury cannabis vaping.

Pushing the Cannabis Industry to New Highs

As far as Double Barrel is concerned, the diamond-covered vaporizer is all part of a larger goal. More specifically, the company wants to push the cannabis scene in new directions.

“The Diamond Double Barrel is a first-of-its-kind luxury vaporizer, and sets a new standard and image that defines the modern day cannabis movement,” the company said in a statement. “Double Barrel will continue to spotlight imaginative design with fascinating creators and artists as it pushes the limits of fierce luxury and best-in-class performance.”

To make the Diamond Double Barrel, the company turned to a team of designers. In particular, they collaborated with 10 well-known jewelry designers and product engineers.

“Double Barrel presented me with an opportunity I never saw coming,” said Gerard Alexander, one of the designers who worked on the project. “The product we made encapsulates the zeitgeist right now. The power of supreme functionality, personal style, and new wealth.”

While the Diamond Double Barrel may be a first in the vaping space, the cannabis industry at large is no stranger to high-end luxury products. In fact, it’s become something of a standard feature in the industry.

In particular, the world of glass smoking accessories has been a hotbed of activity for the luxury niche. Many well-known artists have experimented with over-the-top, elaborate bongs. And in many cases, artists or galleries will put these designer bongs up for sale. Often, for as much as $100,000 or more.

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