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10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed

10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed


10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed

If you want to be sure none of your bud goes to waste, a rolling tray will keep you from dropping it all over the floor. Here are the best rolling trays for weed.

8. Stax NYC Galaxy Rolling Tray

10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed

The Stax NYC tray for rolling stands out from the rest. It’ll help keep all your stuff organized so you can get to smoking that joint sooner rather than later.

The Price


The Good

There are four distinct sections that make it easy to keep things separate. Each one goes about an inch deep so you can fit several things in each slot. The tray is super-lightweight, flame retardant, and dishwasher safe.

The Bad

The worst part about this tray is the fact that it can technically be broken. If you drop it or apply enough pressure, you may crack part of the plastic. It’s also pretty bulky. The size is comparable to the large RAW trays.

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