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This Chewing Gum Can Help You Pass A Drug Test

This Chewing Gum Can Help You Pass A Drug Test


This Chewing Gum Can Help You Pass A Drug Test

For weed smokers everywhere, the dreaded drug test is a constant concern. Jobs frequently require employees to take drug tests, and if you fail it could cost you your job. Beyond that, cops are developing new roadside saliva drug tests to use when they pull you over. Fortunately, this chewing gum has been designed to help you pass all these drug tests.

Meet Oral Clear Chewing Gum

Oral Clear is made by Clear Choice. The gum is the company’s latest addition to its lineup of detox products. It is designed specifically to help you pass saliva drug tests.

Here’s how it works. Bring the gum with you wherever you’re going for the drug test. Or, if you’re worried about getting pulled over, you might want to keep a piece handy in your car.

No more than 30 minutes before the test, unwrap the gum and pop it into your mouth. The gum has a little capsule of liquid inside of it, and that’s the stuff that’s going to make your saliva test come back clean. The idea is to break open the capsule and let the liquid coat your mouth.

To do that, be sure your lips are sealed shut. Then bite into the gum. Let the liquid spread throughout your entire mouth. You want it to coat the insides of your cheeks, your tongue, your gums, everything. But don’t swallow it. Just let it coat the inside of your mouth.

Chew the gum for 30 seconds and spit it back out. The easiest thing to do is just save the wrapper and spit it back into the wrapper. That way you can discreetly slide it back into your pocket or your purse and dispose of it when you get back home.

After “treating” your mouth with the gum, your saliva should be clean and neutral. But it only lasts for 30 minutes, so you have to time it right. And just to be safe, we recommend chewing the gum closer to your test than 30 minutes out. There’s no need to push it. The closer to the test you can chew the gum, the better.

How It Works

Saliva drug tests are designed to detect a range of chemicals in your saliva. Fortunately for fans of cannabis, saliva tests are not the most effective form of drug test. That’s because THC and other important cannabinoids don’t stay in your saliva for very long. Typically, they’ll be gone in 24 hours or so.

Urine tests are better at detecting THC, so if you’ve got one of those coming up, be sure you have some strategies in mind for how to pass a drug test.

But if you’re a heavy user, if you’ve used other drugs, or if you’re in a pinch for time, a saliva test can be a disaster. That’s when this gum will come in most handy.

It basically blocks the test from picking up any sort of drug-related chemical. The gum has a handful of ingredients. Most of them are flavoring and sweeteners. But the one that really gets the job does is the “buffered perhydrol.”

Perhydrol is a form of hydrogen peroxide, and it’s supposed to be good for detox uses. This chemical is part of what’s coating your mouth when you chew the gum, and if it works the way it’s supposed to it will help you pass the saliva drug test without any problems.

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