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Four Loko is Dropping a Hemp-Flavored Drink with no Hemp on 4/20

Four Loko is Dropping a Hemp-Flavored Drink with no Hemp on 4/20


Four Loko is Dropping a Hemp-Flavored Drink with no Hemp on 4/20

All the flavor of weed without any of the effects…

With 4/20 rapidly approaching, companies all over the place are getting on the bandwagon and releasing special cannabis-themed products.

Most recently, alcoholic beverage brand Four Loko announced a new cannabis-inspired drink.

Notice that we said cannabis-inspired. Not cannabis-infused. The new drink will not contain any actual weed. Not even any cannabinoids. But according to Four Loko it will taste a lot like hemp.

Four Loko’s Hemp Drink

Four Loko announced the new drink earlier this month with a tweet that showed a green can with the word “hemp” printed on it in huge letters. The image was accompanied by the simple caption: “Coming 4/20.”

After the teaser earlier this month, it’s now become clear what this product is all about.

Four Loko’s special 4/20 release is a hemp-flavored alcoholic beverage. Although it does not contain any THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid, it is 12 percent alcohol by volume.

Without anything from the actual cannabis plant in it, the drink instead will celebrate cannabis through its hemp-inspired flavor profile.

Four Loko told Maxim the new drink will showcase “the flavor people think of when they hear hemp.”

“We saw an opportunity with hemp and Four Loko and went to the drawing board,” Four Loko co-founder Jaisen Freeman said. “We wanted to join the trend that is receiving a ton of buzz. When we were able to secure a flavor that mimicked hep but contains no actual hemp, CBD, or THC, we knew we could officially be a part of this trend.”

The drink will apparently draw on an interesting connection between cannabis and hops-based alcoholic drinks. From a botanical perspective, hops and weed are essentially genetic “cousins.”

As such, the two plants tend to produce similar properties, including taste and smell.

“Hemp is definitely hot right now, but it’s also clear that hemp flavors and hops go together,” Freeman told Maxim. “They’ve got similar flavor profiles.”

Because the new drink doesn’t contain any CBD or THC don’t expect to feel anything when you drink it. But if you like the flavor of cannabis, this might be your next favorite 4/20 drink.

4/20 Products Coming Out This Weekend

Four Loko is far from the only company to try to tap into the 4/20 craze. In fact, they aren’t even the only food and beverage company to get into the 4/20 mood.

Just yesterday, Green Rush Daily reported on the upcoming CBD burger from Carl’s Jr. burger.

And unlike Four Loko’s drink, this specialty 4/20 product isn’t simply about the flavor of weed. The Carl’s Jr. burger is infused with actual CBD.

As such, the burger won’t get you high. But it could give consumers some of the more mild effects of relaxation and well-being that many people report getting from CBD.

While there is already a pretty strong history of companies releasing special 4/20-themed products, it seems likely that we’ll only see more of these products as cannabis continues going mainstream.

Already, CBD is popping up all over the place. In large part, that’s because CBD products tend to be easier to move onto the market than products containing THC.

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