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Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge Review

Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge Review
@GreenDotLabs_Dave & @T.H.Caeczar/Instagram


Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge Review

How does Green Dot Labs stack up to the competition?

When it comes to THC cartridges, there are tons of options on the market. Green Dot Labs has some of the best selections to choose from.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different brands, labels, wording, packaging, and other things people use to make their product to stand out.

However, not all vape cartridges are made the same. Some companies are getting away with using non-cannabis derived terpenes for added flavoring. Additionally, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin are being used as a cutting agent which could be potentially hazardous to your health.

Today, we will be reviewing the Coin Style strain from Green Dot Labs.

  • Adjustable air-flow vent
  • Unique flavor
  • Micro USB charger
  • Cartridge not compatible with some other 510 thread batteries
  • Battery life


Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge Review

@GreenDotLabs_Dave & @T.H.Caeczar/Instagram

Label: “Uncut, additive-free, native cannabinoid & terpene ratios, whole-plant derived, grown and extracted by Green Dot Labs.”

The Green Dot Labs logo is on the front of the box, and on the cartridge itself. If there’s no GDL logo on the cartridge it isn’t really made by Green Dot Labs.

You can find lab testing on every package. In fact, the THC-A, THC, CBD-A, and CBD percentages are present on the back of the box.

One of the best THC cartridge packages we have ever seen. The back of the box tells you how to open the child-proof box. It’s almost adult-proof too. It took us a moment to figure out how to properly open the box. Finally, once you get the box to open, slide down the inner portion and reveal the vape pen cartridge nestled inside.

We have never seen a cartridge like this before. It has an adjustable vent hole on the mouthpiece. We really like this feature and wish more brands would go with this design. On the mouthpiece, you’ll notice that it has a sleek, black colored finish. The finish started rubbing off and it now has some silver showing through. While we’re not sure if it is stainless steel underneath, the fact that the black finish rubbed off is a slight reason for concern.


The Lemon G shines through on this one, and blends incredibly well with the Sugar Town Express. Sugar Town Express is a (Purple Trainwreck x Joseph OG). It actually tastes like sour margarita mix. In addition, it lingers on the palate for a few minutes after the inhale and exhale. We’re impressed that this very specific terpene profile can exist in cannabis.

It leaves a great aftertaste compared to some vape pen cartridges which leave a dry, scratchy throat feeling. You won’t have the urge to drink something or scratch the back of your throat. Moreover, it didn’t give off a weird filmy coating after taking a hit either which is usually a good sign. We’ve tried some dabs and pens that leave a waxy, filmy coating that makes you want to brush your teeth.

We’re happy to say we did not experience that at all this time around. Just a nice, clean, flavorful, smooth draw from the well-ventilated vape cartridge. Some people prefer flavor over effect but this has the best of both worlds. Superior flavor and incredible efficacy collide in this Coin Style.

Overall Effects

Unless you’re expecting to be up all night looking at the ceiling, We wouldn’t hit this before going to bed. You will just lay there with a bunch of thoughts running through your mind.

This one is great for activities, motivation, and getting the creative juices flowing. Not too sativa-heavy where it would make you too talkative, fidgety, or racy. For those of us that don’t drink coffee, this would be the morning pick-me-up that we’re looking for.


Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge Review

@GreenDotLabs_Dave & @T.H.Caeczar/Instagram

If you have the battery that Green Dot Labs recommends to use with their battery, you shouldn’t have a hard time using their cartridge. It’s worth noting, these cartridges don’t work on anything else besides Green Dot Labs battery. This can be rather inconvenient at certain times.

What’s nice about their battery is that you can charge it with the micro USB cord instead of that specific 510 Thread USB battery charger and a USB Wall Charger.

Stealth Level

The adjustable airflow vent allows us to have a lot of control over our hits. If you want to take a big rip and get a big cloud, you can either close the vents, leave one of three open, or turn up the voltage to the higher two settings.

On the other hand, if you want to be a little bit more stealthy, you can. Turn the temp down to it’s lowest, open the vents up, and take smaller, more flavorful, effective hits without producing a major cloud. This method works great if you need to take a hit when you’re out in public.

The battery does have a blinking light if you go into “sesh mode”. Due to this, the light can be simply covered. If you do not want to draw attention in a dark place, just be sure to cover the blinking light or just flip the pen to where the button is facing your wrist after you double-click.


Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge Review

@GreenDotLabs_Dave & @T.H.Caeczar/Instagram

Double-click starts “sesh mode”, three clicks change voltages, and finally, five clicks will turn the power on and off. It’s great that you can turn it off and not have to worry about it accidentally turning on in your pocket. We’ve heard horror stories about older batteries that didn’t have that feature.

Final Thoughts: Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge Review

The Green Dot Labs Coin Style Vape Cartridge is worth trying and seeing if you like it yourself. If you are all about flavor, you might be surprised like we were. The flavor and efficacy are on point. We didn’t think the Coin Style would have been one of our favorite flavors from Green Dot Labs, compared to the other flavors we acquired such as Passion Z, NYCD, Friesland, Lemonessence, Blue Lotus, Soul Cleanser, Whammy Bar, and Strawberry Hash Plant. If you see a Green Dot Labs Vape Cartridge in stores near you, at least give it a try. You might like it like we did!

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