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8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market


8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

CBD cartridges are great for people that want some of the medical benefits of cannabis without the high.

If you need a break from THC, you should try a CBD cartridge. They are convenient without the high that is accompanied by the best THC cartridges. Patients suffering from several medical conditions have found relief from CBD. Inhaling CBD is one of the fastest and most effective ways to feel the effects. We did some research to find the best CBD cartridges on the market today.

8. O.Pen (100-300mg CBD)

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

O.pen Vape has been making cartridges for CBD and THC since they hit the market.

They have a wide variety of CBD cartridges in different strains and flavors. Their blend is hemp derived with botanically sourced natural terpenes. Their CBD carts are free of THC. You can get a 300mg CBD cartridge or choose from 4 100mg strains on their website.

7. Pure Gold (100mg CBD)

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

The Gold Cart by PureGold is crystal clear with no THC content.

They claim the clarity is a sign that there are no impurities. None of the cutting agent propylene glycol. Their CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. It is in pure crystal form before being combined with other ingredients.

With the right 510 thread battery, you’ll get vaporization without combustion byproducts. There is between 100-250 puffs in each cartridge.

6. AbsoluteXtracts (300mg CBD)

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

AbsoluteXtracts has high CBD oil that come in 500mg pre-filled cartridges.

There is a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio so you can get the benefits without the high. They use no additives and they offer you 18 distinctive strains.

All of their cannabis comes from small family farms in Northern California.

5. Innovative CBD (40mg CBD)

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

Innovative CBD uses glass cartridges for a better vaping experience.

Each cartridge is filled with 40mg of organic unrefined CBD full plant hemp oil. That means you’ll get a clean pure CBD vape. The company states that their product contains absolutely no PG/VG/PEG or ethanol.

It is 100% natural and unflavored so you only get the good stuff.

4. Thrive By Vape Bright (200mg CBD)

10 Best CBD Products On The Market

Vape Bright has a CBD cartridge called Thrive. Each cartridge contains 200mg of CBD.

The company claims there are no fillers or additives. They provide a full spectrum blend meaning they have all the parts beneficial parts of the cannabis plant including terpenes and cannabinoids.

If you’re cool with that this cartridge is worth looking into.

3. Alternate Vape (250mg CBD)

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

Alternate Vape claims to put zero PG/VG which are cutting agents commonly found in vape fluids.

The 1ml cartridges come in three tasty flavors: citrus, mint, and Kush.

They don’t hide what’s inside. The ingredients include coconut oil, 250mg of CBD, and natural terpenes.

2. Johnny Apple CBD (350mg CBD)

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

Johnny Apple CBD’s .5ML cartridge has about 350mg of CBD in it.

You can buy them individually or in a two-pack. They recommend a 510 thread battery with an output range of 3.4V – 3.9V. However, we’d recommend 2.8 – 3.2V.

1. Infinite CBD (250mg – 500mg CBD)

8 Best CBD Cartridges On The Market

Infinite CBD is one of the best CBD cartridges when it comes to dosage and customization.

You can select the dosage and specific terpenes you want to taste. To top it all off the company says they do not use any PG/VG in any of their products. Select either 250mg or 500mg of CBD then choose your terpene.

Final Hit: Best CBD Cartridges

The best CBD cartridges depend on your preference. If you’ve got no time to charge batteries go with one of the all-in-one disposable vape pen options. Otherwise, pick based on the ingredients and dosage. If you’re sensitive to VG or PG make sure the cartridge you choose doesn’t have it.

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