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Sports Stadium Takes Cannabis Company Name After Sponsorship

Sports Stadium Takes Cannabis Company Name After Sponsorship
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Sports Stadium Takes Cannabis Company Name After Sponsorship

This comes on the heels of the UK announcing a prospective MMJ program.

For years, cannabis and sports were two things that mixed as well as water and oil. Despite plenty of prevalent medical benefits for athletes, the plant has always found a way onto most league’s banned substance lists. This is, mostly, due to the fact that it’s still considered a Schedule I drug by the U.S. federal government, and other countries undoubtedly feel the same way.

However, we might have just seen a major breakthrough, in terms of a cannabis and sports sponsorship. On Friday, a professional soccer team’s flagship stadium adopted the name of an up-and-coming CBD company.

Sports Stadium Takes Cannabis Company Name After Sponsorship

New Douglas Stadium, the home of  Scottish Premiership side Hamilton Academical, will now be known as ‘The HopeCBD Stadium’. The move comes after the football stadium struck a reported five-figure deal with HopeCBD. The company, which sells a variety of CBD oils, tinctures, vapes and edibles, will become the soccer team’s sole sponsor.

The team stadium expressed their excitement in regards to the new age partnership.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of a positive and progressive partnership with CBD providers such as Hope CBD,” the team said in a statement on their website.

While the club certainly has a progressive stance when it comes to CBD, Hamilton stopped short of giving their 100% approval to the actual cannabis plant. They admitted there is still a stigma surrounding cannabis, but that the ethos surrounding CBD are undoubtedly different.

“The very word ‘cannabis’ strikes the concerns of law breaking and addiction issues, but the facts surrounding CBD are much different,” the club said in the statement. ” The hemp plant goes through what is known as ‘full spectrum C02 extraction’ and is then further distilled to remove psychoactive elements that are found within the plant – THC. It is the removal of this compound, leaving many other cannabinoids, particularly CBD that makes the products 100% non-psychoactive or addictive.”

Hamilton Academical’s partnership comes at somewhat of a coincidental time. Last Wednesday, the Westminster government stated that cannabis-derived medical products, such as CBD, will be available for patients who meet qualifying conditions. However, the medical community said this would have no impact on any future recreational marijuana prospects.

“This will help patients with an exceptional clinical need but is in no way a first step to the legalization of cannabis for recreational use,” Dr. Sajid Javid said to BBC News.

Future of Cannabis Sponsorship In Sports

Hamilton Academical’s move can be certainly viewed as a step in the right direction. However, their stance is pretty in-line with what’s going on in the sporting community as a whole.

In fact, they’re not even the first team with such a sponsorship.

Back in April, the Las Vegas Lights became the first professional U.S. team to be sponsored by a marijuana company. The club, which is part of the United Soccer league, accepted NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, a dispensary, as their official sponsor. Nevada legalized recreational marijuana back in January 2017.

Additionally, Ice Cube’s BIG3 league recently announced they would allow their athletes to use CBD for recovery.

There might not be a lot of sporting leagues with cannabis sponsorships, but it looks like the future is bright in that department. Especially, if the notoriously-cannabis stringent UK can get on board with it.

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