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  • These 11 Cannabis Strains Are As Sweet As Candy These 11 Cannabis Strains Are As Sweet As Candy


    11 Sweet Cannabis Strains That Are Better Than Candy

    By 07/17/2017

    The most hardcore cannabis connoisseurs pay close attention to the flavors and smells of their bud....

  • Alien Kush Strain Information Alien Kush Strain Information


    Alien Kush Strain Review and Information

    By 07/19/2016

    Alien Kush can also be an excellent choice for medical cannabis patients. This is particularly the...

  • Lemon Kush Strain Information Lemon Kush Strain Information


    Lemon Kush Strain Information

    By 07/12/2016

    Lemon Kush Overview Lemon Kush is a popular hybrid strain. Like its name indicates, the most...

  • Death Star Strain Information Death Star Strain Information


    Death Star Strain Information

    By 05/04/2016

    Death Star Strain “That’s no moon”…Get ready for the jump to hyper-space with the indica-dominant cannabis known...

  • Granddaddy Purple Strain Information Granddaddy Purple Strain Information


    Granddaddy Purple Strain Information

    By 04/18/2016

    Granddaddy Purple Strain Today, the cherished Granddaddy Purple strain has become a staple across the west...

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