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Lemon Kush Strain Information

Lemon Kush Strain Information


Lemon Kush Strain Information

Lemon Kush


Lemon Kush is a popular hybrid strain. Like its name indicates, the most distinctive feature of this strain is its citrusy, lemony scent. Lemon Kush is a true hybrid. It’s known for effectively bringing together the body highs associated with indica strains with the energizing, uplifting, euphoric feelings typically brought on by sativa cannabis strains.


In general, Lemon Kush is one of the more potent hybrids you’ll find. While an average hybrid strain typically weighs in at somewhere around 12% to 13% THC, This lemon strain averages an impressive 20% THC. Lemon Kush maxes out around 26% THC content.


For most users, Lemon Kush gives them pleasant feelings of euphoria, relaxation, happiness, and creativity. The easygoing highs that this strain is known for come from the strain’s ability to combine just the right amount of sedative effects with the perfect amount of energizing effects. All in all, Lemon Kush is known for solid, enjoyable highs that will leave you comfortably relaxed without feeling couch locked.

Smell & Flavor

This strain really lives up to its name. It is known for a delicious lemony scent that carries over into a smooth and generally tasty smoke. The lemon smell of Lemon Kush comes from high levels of a terpene called d-limonene. And d-limonene doesn’t just make this strain smell and taste good. It could also give it some added health benefits. Some researchers believe that d-limonene can actually be an effective cancer fighting substance.

Side Effects

Some people might start feeling paranoid after using Lemon Kush, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and even fear. More commonly, this strain usually leaves people with dry eyes and cotton mouth. Some people may even feel dizzy and or experience a slight headache.

The Best Way To Use It

Lemon Kush is a fairly versatile strain. Many people can use it without becoming too tired or couch locked, which could make it a good choice for days when you still need to be productive. That’s especially true if you’re in need of a little spark of inspiration or creativity. Because it provides a good sense of calm and relaxation without inducing couch lock, it’s also a good choice for all sorts of social settings.

When it comes to medical uses, Lemon Kush can be a great way to deal with depression, pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and nausea. Of course, do some experimenting. See how it effects you. If it makes you feel paranoid or anxious, then it’s probably not a good choice for treating depression or anxiety. But if it jives well with you, your mind, and your body, it can offer some great relief from those and a number of other health conditions.

Where It Came From

There a couple of primary types of Lemon Kush out there. The first is the result of cross breeding Master Kush with Lemon Joy. The second comes from bringing together a pure Afghanistan Kush with Lemon G-13.


On average, Lemon Kush flowers around the 8-10 week mark. Most plants have moderate yields and are usually less than six feet in height. A lot of growers have success using organic growing techniques.

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