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The Nuggy Is The Only Cannabis Tool Pot Smokers Will Ever Need

The Nuggy Is The Only Cannabis Tool Pot Smokers Will Ever Need


The Nuggy Is The Only Cannabis Tool Pot Smokers Will Ever Need

The Nuggy is a brand new, 10-in-1 cannabis tool. And it’s the only accessory a pot smoker will ever need. That’s because it comes with literally every tool you need to roll, clean, pack, dab, and puff. Seriously, the geniuses at NugTools who came up with this thing have thought of it all—the Nuggy has already solved problems you probably didn’t even know you had. And since the entire thing easily fits into your pocket, the Nuggy is about to become a fundamental piece of your entire weed smoking collection.

Innovative Engineering

The key to the Nuggy’ success is its engineering. This multi-tool was designed from the ground up specifically with cannabis users in mind. As a result, it is the one tool that addresses the needs of all pot users, whether you’re into joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, dabs, or anything else.

“We crowdsourced freelance engineers from all over the world to help use design the Nuggy,” said NugTools CEO and co-founder Rob Green. “Then we used our own 3D printers to test out countless iterations over the period of an entire year.”

“We didn’t just design the Nuggy to look like every other multi-tool. We started over from scratch and we came up with something efficient, effective, and with a classic style.”

And he’s 100% right. The Nuggy is definitely not your average multi-tool. This is a sleek new cannabis tool designed specifically for the pot smoker of today.

The 10-in-1 Cannabis Tool For All Your Needs

The Nuggy Is The Only Cannabis Tool Pot Smokers Will Ever Need

Here’s how the Nuggy will elevate your cannabis experience. When you see just how much this device can do, and how many tools it’s got packed into its little tiny shell, you’ll be shocked. So buckle up.

  • No matter what your smoking preferences are, you need to start off by breaking up your nugs. Snap open the Nuggy’s sharp and strong scissors to cut your bud down to the perfect size.
  • For rolling joints and blunts, the Nuggy comes equipped with a knife and a tamper for the perfect roll.
  • It’s also got a 2-position roach clip for the deeper stages of your smoke sesh. And since the Nuggy has been designed to stand up all on its own, you can set your roach down without worrying about it tipping over and burning anything.
  •  If you like puffing out of spoons, pipes, or bongs, you’ll appreciate the Nuggy’s scraper and pick. Now you can clean out even the stickiest bowl to be sure you get a nice, full flow of smoke on each and every hit.
  • For the dabbers out there, the Nuggy comes with a small scooper that’s perfect for concentrates and extracts.
  • The built-in knife is the ideal cannabis tool for portioning out the perfect dose of your edibles. And you can use the bottle opener to crack open your favorite canna-beverage.
  • As if all that wasn’t enough, the flashlight on this thing makes you pretty much unstoppable. Now you can roll a joint or pack a bowl no matter where you are, even if it’s the middle of the night.
  • And to top it all off, the entire device has been ergonomically designed. That means that no matter what tool you’re using, it’ll fit perfectly into your hand. This maximizes ease of use so you can get the most out of your smoking experience.

Final Hit: The Nuggy

The folks at NugTools spent the entire year of 2015 perfecting the design of the Nuggy. And they nailed it. Small enough to slip into your pocket, this cannabis tool is perfectly discreet. And it’s not just designed well. It’s also built well.

The durable materials and spring-loaded tools have a super solid hand feel. And when you open a tool, it clicks into place, ensuring that it won’t snap shut while you’re using it.

Whether you’re a newbie smoker, a well-seasoned veteran toker, or anywhere in between, the Nuggy will instantly elevate you to all-out pro status. Cannabis use is now enjoying more widespread acceptance and use than ever before. And the Nuggy is the ultimate cannabis tool for this new generation of cannabis enthusiasts.

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