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This Case From Hydra Vapor Tech Charges Your Vaporizer

The Typhon Case Charges Your Vaporizer For Endless Battery Life


This Case From Hydra Vapor Tech Charges Your Vaporizer

A vaporizer pen is small and versatile. Unfortunately, with such a small device, your battery life is limited. Until now, meet the Typhon charging case.

A vaporizer pen is a great way to get high because of its convenience. You can bring it to the bar, to a friend’s house, on a hike – basically wherever you want. Its small size is what allows it to be so versatile.

Unfortunately, that comes with some drawbacks. With such a small device, you only have so much room for a battery to operate your pen. And a small battery is usually a battery that doesn’t last very long. Luckily, the inventive minds over at Hyrda Vapor Tech have come up with a solution: the Typhon charging case, a case that charges your vaporizer pen.

The Typhon Charging Case

The Typhon Case Charges Your Vaporizer For Endless Battery Life

Having just about any case for your vape pen is virtually necessary. It protects your pen from getting lint and dirt all over the mouthpiece, while protecting your pockets, purses, and bags from getting sticky from concentrate.

Plus, it ensures your pen doesn’t get damaged by being crushed or dropped. And while there are many cases out there that can accomplish that job, the Typhon charging case does it exceptionally well.

The case itself is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and can withstand pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch. In other words, this thing isn’t so much as bending without running it over with a semi-truck, let alone breaking.

The case opens and closes using a magnetic sliding drawer, making it not only secure, but extremely satisfying to use. And once it’s open, you’re looking at an equally pleasing interior.

There are two slots inside. The first of these is custom built for the included double-ended concentrate tool to make loading up your pen as easy as possible.

The second is for the pen itself, another slot that is custom made so for your pen to fit snugly within. And, of course, there’s the fact that the case charges your pen while it’s inside.

How Does The Charger Work?

The Typhon Case Charges Your Vaporizer For Endless Battery Life

With the case comes a little ring called a coupler that is designed to screw right onto your pen. The coupler interacts with the charger inside the case to charge your battery. So once you’ve attached the coupler, charging your pen is as simple as putting it in the case and pressing a button.

The case itself holds 2.5 full charges of your pen’s battery capacity, more than doubling the amount of time you can use your pen when you’re on the go. Plus, the case will shut off once your pen’s fully charged, so you don’t have to worry about constantly checking up on it.

Conveniently at the top of the case is a micro-USB port used to charge it. Just plug it in, and the case will charge itself and your pen at the same time. That’s 2.5 charges from the case, on top of the full charge of your pen’s battery, for a total of 3.5 times its normal capacity.

For the occasional camping trip or music festival, the Typhon charging case offers another option. In the event that you won’t have access to outlets for awhile, you can also easily switch out the case’s battery. Just bring a spare that’s charged up, and you’ll have yet another 2.5 full pen charges at your disposal.

The Final Hit

Pre-order is available now at Hydra Vapor Tech’s website for $100. The cases will be available starting in January of 2017. Currently, this case is designed specifically for use with Kandypens vaporizer pens, but cases for other brands are coming soon. If you don’t have a pen, the website also offers a combo package of the vaporizer and the case for $200.

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