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The Best Vape Pens of 2016

Vape Pens: The Best List Of 2016


The Best Vape Pens of 2016

Vape pens are perfect in your car, office, on a mountain, or nearly anywhere. We’ve compiled a list of the best vape pens available in 2016.

Pen-shaped vaporizers provide discretion, portability, and healthier methods of inhalation than smoking. There are vape pens for dry herb vaporization and concentrate vaporization. Vape pens are perfect in your car, office, on a mountain, or nearly anywhere. It fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. They’re also much less discreet than bulky dry herb pens like the Mighty. Some pens on the market will just burn your products instead of vaping it. A top notch vape pen should not combust, meaning when on the already vaped bud should be browned not blackened. We’ve compiled a list of the best vape pens available in 2016.

J-Pen Pro Series Vape Kit

Vape Pens: The Best List Of 2016

If you’re in the market for a vape pen for your essential oils and waxes, the J-Pen Pro by Vaporous Technologies is a worthy candidate for your vaping experience.

With a sleek, portable and discrete design, the J-Pen Pro delivers smooth, gigantic clouds without sacrificing quality or taste of your concentrates or oil.

This vape pen features a high-quality titanium dual coil deep dish atomizer with a ceramic rod core, exclusive Concentrate Management System, and an Internally Adjustable Carb Cap.

Together, these technologies ensure that less of your concentrate is wasted and not spewing out of the chamber, which could damage the battery underneath like other vaporizing pens on the market do.

The 14 mm glass tube that sits above the atomizer also helps deliver smoother hits and allows you to watch the pen in action as it fills up with vapor.  Since 14mm is the most common joint size on bongs, you should be able to slide the j-pen into most water pipes for vapor bong rips.

The J-Pen Pro Series kit includes the vape pen itself, a travel tin, a USB charger and wall adapter, a silicone container, a titanium dab tool, and two dual coil atomizers. Lastly, there is a one-year warranty on the battery and charger.

4. R Series Vape by THISTHINGRIPS

Vape Pens: The Best List Of 2016

The R Series Vaporizer by thisthingrips is truly the same size as a normal pen. It comes with unique features like a polycarbonate visual reaction chamber so you can see your smoke form. The R Atomizer has got nothing to hide.

It’s made with safe ceramic and titanium components. It comes with a bonus atomizer; a platinum cured V2 silicone jar, and a stainless steel tool to pack your concentrates with ease.

Best of all it comes with a pen cap for when you’re not using it to make it look like an actual pen. This is one of the most compact vaporizer pens that still packs a punch on the market.

The vapor clouds are huge with this one, and it’s safe to say that this thing rips.

Grasshopper Pen Vape

Vape Pens: The Best List Of 2016

The Grasshopper is one of the most compact dry herb vape pens on the market. After a sesh, the finished product comes out browned not black indicating proper vaporization.  There’s a screen before the mouthpiece to prevent any unwanted debris from flying into your mouth.

One of the benefits of the Grasshopper is it can work with small amounts of herb. Even as little as .1 is enough for a session in the Grasshopper vape pen. This is because it vaporizes and doesn’t burn so you won’t be wasting any of your precious THC. A little will go a long way on the grasshopper.

One of the best features of the vape pen is that you can plug this pen into virtually any water pipe, and it makes the hits cooler, smoother, and you’ll be chucking way bigger clouds.

The grasshopper fits into both female and male 14mm joints. For a 14mm female piece you’ll just need to have the silicone tip that comes with the pen for a tight seal. There is an adjustable heater at the top. It clicks like an ordinary pen to turn on, and it’s ready only a few seconds after powering on. Try to use it out of public eye because people might wonder why you’re trying to drink your pen.

Kandypens Gravity Vape

Vape Pens: The Best List Of 2016

Any form of concentrate can be used in the Gravity pen. The vape pen comes with two different atomizers. The first is a ceramic disk with no visible coil. The second coil is a dual coil made of quartz rods and titanium wire for better flavor. The ceramic disk coil is better for flavor, but the dual coil creates a bigger sized cloud.

The Gravity is similar to the popular former Puffco pen model that stopped appearing on shelves earlier this year. The main difference is in the atomizer. The Puffco had a ceramic single coil, the Gravity’s dual quartz chamber is also deeper than the original puff co coils so you can fit and smoke more concentrate at one time.

Unlike the former Kandypens Galaxy model, there are airflow holes in the coils which allows you to get a bigger cloud with less restriction. The Gravity vape pen has three different temperature settings going from 300 to 430 degrees. Even 430 degrees is too low for oil to combust. To turn the device on and off you press it 5 times fast. To change temperatures, you press the button three times.

Puffco Plus Vape

Vape Pens: The Best List Of 2016

The Puffco Plus is the latest model of vape pen by the award-winning Brooklyn-based company. The Puffco Plus offers several improvements over its predecessor.

The most raved-about feature on the Puffco plus is that it truly sports a coil-less chamber. The atomizer appears to be an empty white chamber. Concentrates do not have direct contact with a burning element, so there’s no chance of combustion.

On most other vape pens the oil directly touching the element combusts but the Puffco plus has solved this issue. An additional ceramic dart that goes over the atomizer has three purposes.

It can be used first as a dab tool because it reaches into the heating chamber. The dart also keeps concentrates from splashing out of the atomizer and making a mess. Finally, the darts designed to keep the warm air trapped for an increase in vapor production. The Puffco Plus has set the standard for concentrate vape pens in 2016.

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