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6 Cannabis Gifts For The Bachelorette

It's Wedding Season: Spice Up Your Bachelorette Gift Bags With Cannabis Presents


6 Cannabis Gifts For The Bachelorette

Take Your Bachelorette Party To New Highs With These Cannabis Gifts

When a bride sashays around the club with her shiny tiara and a bubble pink feather boa draped around her neck, her squad in tow crowds part to make way for her. Her squad is dressed in matching tank tops with “TEAM BRIDE” scrawled across the chest. They have large bead necklaces hanging loose around their necks, light up bracelets and what not. Sure, all of this is fun in the moment. But when it comes to the bachelorette gift bags, one has to think beyond the moment.

Fill a cute bag with goodies the girls will actually use again. Or at least really love over the special weekend. In other words, stuff that’s gonna “heighten” their experiences. And of course, none of this is possible without throwing some cannabis into the mix.

Be it a rage-fest or a chill out get-together with the girls, here are some weed goodies your girls will adore:

1. Cannabis Chocolate Truffles

It's Wedding Season: Spice Up Your Bachelorette Gift Bags With Cannabis Presents

Every gift bag needs chocolates. It is known. Some even go as far as claiming chocolate is better than sex. We, on the other hand, claim cannabis is better than chocolate. And you agree.

But what if we told you — you could have your cake (~chocolate) and eat it too? These cannabis infused chocolate edibles are the bomb. They’re perfect for a rage-hard night, or a laid back one.

Coda’s got the Forté collection, the Serenade collection, and the Crescendo collection. Every collection has 3 flavors, with 10 mg of THC. And they don’t just taste great, they look great too — a perfect fit for those fancy bachelorette gift bags!


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