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Best Cannabis Strains to Mix Together

Best Strains to Mix Together For A Better High


Best Cannabis Strains to Mix Together

Frequent cannabis consumers tend to have high tolerances. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to hack your tolerance for a better high. By simply mixing two different strains you can get higher than smoking an equal amount of either individually. We’ll go into why this is and tell you the best strains to mix for a higher high.

How Does Mixing Cannabis Strains = Better High?

Best Strains to Mix Together For A Better High

The best way to explain why mixing strains will get you higher is the “Entourage Effect.” The entourage effect is a term used to describe the medical benefits from cannabinoid synergy. For example, higher levels of CBD mixed with THC will reduce the psychoactive effect of cannabis. Other compound combinations will get you higher than usual!

One reason it gets you higher is because certain terpenes will prime cannabinoid receptors, making it easier for cannabinoids to have an impact. Research from the British Journal of Pharmacology found even small amounts of terpenes could impact cannabinoid activity. Terpenes help us tell strains apart by providing the smell and flavor of the plant.

Taking two strains that smell differently is creating a healthy salad of various terpenes. Certain terpenes combine with cannabinoids to create unique medical effects. Evidence suggests combining limonene with other terpenes and CBD can create medical benefits. For example, it is a promising treatment for the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

So when you’re mixing strains you’re going to want variation. That way you get higher and healthier. If you mix two strains dominant in limonene don’t expect any unique or extraordinary effects.


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