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OG Kush Strain Review and Information

OG Kush Strain Review and Information


OG Kush Strain Review and Information

OG Kush Strain


OG Kush is one of the most well-known strains on today’s cannabis scene. A pure Indica/Sativa hybrid, this strain delivers a mighty high with noticeable effects in both the body and the head.


To see why OG Kush has established the reputation for packing a serious punch, all you have to do is compare its THC levels to other hybrids. While the average hybrid strain carries right around 12.5% THC, OG Kush averages a massive 22% with the most potent samples topping the 27% mark. This is a strain that will satisfy even the most hardcore cannabis lover.


OG Kush tends to deliver strong, yet well balanced, results. First and foremost, expect an intense cerebral sense of an almost trance-like euphoria. That head high will be complemented by a body high that will leave you mellow, relaxed, and maybe even couch locked. Either way, a few good puffs, and OG will leave you feeling all-around good.

Scent & Flavor

OG Kush has an earthy aroma with notes of pine needles and wood. Those scents carry over pretty consistently into the taste of the smoke.

OG Kush Strain Review and Information

Adverse Effects

The most prominent adverse effects are cotton mouth and dry eyes. Heavy doses could lead to feelings of paranoia and dizziness, especially for newer smokers and people who are sensitive to OG Kush’s strong head highs. And while a lot of people find relief from headaches while using OG, some users experience headaches after smoking this strain.

Used For

OG Kush is incredibly versatile. The balance between head and body highs make it perfect for recreational uses, including relaxing in the evening or at night. It’s also great for social settings, as it will give the entire hang out a super positive vibe.

This strain can also be used to treat a wide number of health conditions. The cerebral effects make it a good pick for treating depression, bipolar disorders, stress, anxiety, anger, and even PTSD. And the body highs of OG Kush can help patients cope with chronic aches and pains, as well as more serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.


Despite being a very well known and widely available strain, OG Kush’s lineage is still a bit mysterious. Most people agree, though, that it was created by cross-breeding Chemdawg with Hindu Kush.


OG Kush is a relatively tricky strain to grow, so it’s probably not the best choice for a rookie grower. It usually does best grown indoors in a highly controlled environment. If it’s raised right, you can expect a fairly good yield of beautiful buds that look almost neon green when they’re finished.

Plants should start flowering as early as the eight-week mark. And when they do, expect to see buds that are dense and covered in a relatively thick coating of sticky resin.

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