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Shark Attack Strain Information

Shark Attack Strain Information


Shark Attack Strain Information

Shark Attack


If you’re interested in chilling out to a strong indica dominant, but don’t want to get knocked out our couch-locked like other potent indica strains can do, look no further than Shark Attack.

Like other indicas, this strain is designed for relaxation and mellowing effects. It’ll affect your mind and body almost instantly with a calming, euphoric effect.

The buds of this strain are so recognizable you could spot them almost instantly, with dark and dense flowers blanketed by a frosty coat of white resin — like the Great White shark itself. They are are a pleasure to break up by hand.

And when you do, Shark Attack will treat you to strong indica aromatics: piney with an earthy undertone that tastes just like it smells.


The specs on this indica-dominant strain are fairly impressive. At 16% THC and comprised of a 70/30 percent ratio of indica to sativa, these buds deliver a punch but not a knock-out blow.


The indica-dominant strain was produced by crossing Super Skunk (indica) and White Widow (sativa-dominant hybrid). The White Widow in this hybrid strain is what helps an indica-dominant keep your energy up. White Widow is known for producing an energizing high that tends to make people feel happy, relaxed, and sociable: the perfect compliment to a strong indica (Super Skunk).


This strain is a “feminized” strain of cannabis, and so she doesn’t grow very tall. And because you can grow several clones close together, it’s easy to control the size of each plant. The leaves are wide and dark and short.

This makes Shark Attack compact and suitable for a variety of grow environments, from indoor to outdoor to greenhouse. Fast-becoming one of the most popular hybrids in feminized seed form, Shark Attack is already a favorite among both medical and recreational users across the country.


Users report a particularly heightened body high with this strain, but a calming rather than a stimulating buzz.

These effects have made Shark Attack a popular medicinal choice for patients seeking relief from insomnia, muscle spasms, anxiety, and chronic aches and pains. The strain’s relatively high CBD content is likely to thank for its effective medical use.

It’s effects on the body are comparable to hashish, potent and pleasurable.


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