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5 Weed Strains To Smoke On 420

Five Weed Strains To Smoke On 420


5 Weed Strains To Smoke On 420

4. Skywalker OG

Five Weed Strains To Smoke On 420

Known for packing a punch, Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that does a great job of bringing together the head highs of sativas with the body highs of indicas.

Skywalker OG averages anywhere from 18 to 30 percent THC and produces relatively strong effects. If you want to experience the full gamut of what cannabis can do, this strain is for you.

A few puffs in and you will begin to feel a pronounced body high. The calm sense of sedation this strain produces is balanced out by a smooth head high, which will make you feel happy and euphoric.

By the end of your sesh, you will be pleasantly mellow, calm, and happy.

Skywalker OG is not the best choice if you are looking for a boost of energy. But if you’re trying to keep things cool this 420, give this strain a shot.

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