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Albino Weed: Does it Really Exist?

Albino Weed - Does It Really Exist


Albino Weed: Does it Really Exist?

What is Albino Weed?

Picture iridescent, glowingly white flowers. Imagine wispy, sparkly strands of cannabis buds. Albino weed looks as magical, and is about as mysterious, as the fabled white unicorn. And like the unicorn, there’s a legend that tells the tale of pure white albino weed.

So the legend goes, “New York White” is an especially potent strain of “albino” marijuana that grows in the New York City sewer system.

In America in Legend, folklorist Richard Dorson tells about an especially potent strain of pure white “albino” marijuana growing in the New York City sewer system.

Where did this literally urban legend come from? The answer is obvious! All those seeds in all those baggies of all that weed that had to be hastily flushed down toilets during drug raids, of course!

New York White is also described in the infamous Anarchist Cookbook, which tells the tale of twelve feet tall, pure white marijuana plants growing underground without sunlight.

Those interested in embarking on a quest for sewer weed in NYC may want to watch out for stoned alligators, tough!

Albino Weed - Is it Real?

What’s interesting about the legend of albino weed is the idea that it’s a lack of sunlight that causes the plant to bloom with lilly-white cannabis buds.

Ironically, white weed is the product of too much lighting.

Contrary to all those myth-busters out there, albino cannabis does exist. But it’s not a super-strain of weed that miraculously grows in the dark.

Cannabis is a green plant. It requires light to complete the process of photosynthesis which is essential to the life of any green plant. Without light, no green plant can produce its own food.

Albino Weed - Is it Real?

Without sunlight, cannabis plants do not magically transform into a fungus so that they can live in the darkness.

No matter how passionately your friend insists that this can and does happen, it does not.

However, white weed does happen. But no matter how cool it looks, it’s not a good sign for your crop!

White cannabis plants are actually plants which have been “bleached” by too much light.

Albino Weed - Is it Real?

Think about how a person’s hair can get lighter and more blonde in the summer after all those afternoons poolside. It’s kind of the same principle.

Light bleaching of cannabis plants is most common with grow operations that use high-power LED lighting.

It can also happen in poorly ventilated hydroponic systems where grow lights are kept too close to the tops of the plants.

Buds which have been bleached tend to be low potency or even have no potency.

Albino Weed - Is it Real?

This is because the light, particularly its UV rays, have obliterated the trichomes and cannabinoids that create the pleasurable (and medicinal) effects of marijuana.

White weed simply has no THC or other cannabinoids. Too bad.

So is long story short, is albino weed real…

While light-bleached cannabis will often get mis-labeled as “albino cannabis” or “white cannabis,” the truth is that the white color is not healthy. Still, albino cannabis looks amazing! It’s just completely impotent.

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