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Cannabis Houseplants Are The Newest Trend

Tiny Cannabis Houseplants Are The Newest Trend


Cannabis Houseplants Are The Newest Trend

Just picture having your place decorated with tiny little cannabis houseplants.

Tiny cannabis houseplants, we’re talking small, potted, and primarily for decoration could become the next big thing as cannabis goes mainstream. That’s because they don’t really exist yet. And for obvious reasons, since growing cannabis is still illegal according to the federal government.

Despite that, we think cannabis houseplants will eventually become a dope new way to celebrate the cannabis plant in surprising and unexpected ways.

Not only will it be a super cool way to give your room a little splash of “high” fashion, but if you plan it right, you’ll probably get a little bud out of the plant, too.

That’s the domestic life we’re envisioning for the future. Cannabis as decoration, cannabis as recreation.

We’ve given it some hard thinking, and we’ve come up with a few reasons why cannabis houseplants could very well be the next big thing you’ve never even heard of.


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