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3 Religions That Smoke Weed

3 Religions That Encourage Smoking Weed


3 Religions That Smoke Weed

Religious use of cannabis dates back thousands of years. Only a few religions actively encourage or allow the use of marijuana.

Sisters Of The Valley

3 Religions That Encourage Smoking Weed

There are nuns in California that smoke jays and grow weed for those in need. They’re not Catholic, abstinent and they don’t answer to a priest. The Sisters Of The Valley believe using Cannabis is a God-given right.

The modern day Mother Theresa’s create high CBD tinctures to help individuals in pain. There is little THC so people can get relief without the high. Every bottle is blessed, organic, lab-tested, and pesticide-free. They only fill bottles during full moons after saying a prayer. Additionally, when a bottle is sold a final prayer of healing is said.

They’re not in it for the money, or so they say. They’re more moved by their passion for healing. When they sell out of tinctures, they acknowledge that it’s a good problem for the sisters but not their patients in need.

“We disagree with the concept that suffering is normal and a part of life,” Sister Kate explained in an interview with The Daily Beast.

She may wear a robe, but Sister Kate isn’t a bible-toting, priest serving, and abstinent nun. She’s a weed-selling vegan that loves Bernie Sanders. Her and the other Sisters vow to “respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between her and her suffering people.”

The Sisters had to move after their products became outlawed in their original location. Since then, the nuns moved to a more marijuana-friendly place called Merced County.


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