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These Cannabis and Coffee Combinations Will Create Euphoric Highs

These Cannabis and Coffee Combinations Will Create Euphoric Highs


These Cannabis and Coffee Combinations Will Create Euphoric Highs

Cannabis and Coffee Combinations

Cannabis and coffee combinations are amazing. The caffeine buzz and relaxing high match creating a euphoric way to kickstart the day. There is no wonder that the place of choice to consume cannabis in the Netherlands is in coffee shops.

A coffee shop filled with weed makes for a great, exciting and easy-going environment. Not to mention, the taste and caffeine of coffee pairs extremely well with weed.

It tastes great. It is a common misconception that drinking coffee and getting high at the same time will decrease the effects of THC since coffee will give you such a caffeinated buzz. In fact, research suggests that caffeine will enhance your high, allowing you to smoke less for a great buzz.

Pairing different strains with different brewing methods and roasts can make for some hand-picked, unique experiences.

These Cannabis and Coffee Combinations Will Create Euphoric Highs

Dutch Daily News

There are fairly euphoric benefits to having weed and coffee together in the morning.  Pairing other substances, like weed and wine or beer have their place and time, but pairing weed and coffee is a wonderful pick me up – and doesn’t leave you feeling drunk or lazy.

Here are some cannabis and coffee combinations to try out:

Espresso, Medium Roast, and Girl Scout Cookies

Try smoking a joint of Girl Scout Cookies with a medium roast espresso drink, like a latte or americano.

Espresso, Dark Roast, and Chocolope

This chocolatey strain is great with a coffee to carefully sip slowly with a rich, bold flavor. Try an espresso drink, like an espresso or cortado, and sip slowly while smoking a joint of chocolope.

Medium Roast, French Press and Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush will give you a sedative body high, but a strong cup of french press will pack a punch. Try vaping this for a relaxing, lower energy buzz – a great afternoon or after dinner pair.

Dark roast, French Press, and OG Chem

OG Chem is a cross between Chemdawg and OG Kush, and delivers a Piney, Chem flavor. Pairing the bitter taste of a dark roast made with a french press will offer an energetic start to your day.

Light roast, Pour Over or Traditional Brew and Kandy Kush

Chemex s a great type of coffee brewing system that gives you clean strong flavorful coffee, not espresso. The sweet notes of Kandy Kush that taste quite literally like Candy will taste beautiful with a lighter, less acidic roast and an energetic feel.

Medium roast, Pour Over or Traditional Brew and Blue Dream

Blue Dream is sweet, but not too sweet. It delivers euphoric effects and relieves stress, depression, and nausea. This is a relaxed combination that you might find makes for a smooth start to your day.

Dark Roast, Pour Over or Traditional Brew and God’s Gift

This strain delivers a citrusy fruity taste along with hash-like, bitter undertones. The harsher notes in this strain pair wonderfully with a darker roast cup of coffee, while accentuating any sweet notes the roast may have. The body high god’s gift offers make for a relaxing, strong buzz.

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