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How Cannabis Can Help Introverts

How Cannabis Can Help Introverts


How Cannabis Can Help Introverts

Introverts are beautiful, creative, and extremely unique people. However, sometimes introverts tend to get lost in the shuffle in our incredibly fast paced and talkative world. The introverted smoker can actually have the best of both worlds, quiet and thoughtful, but also talkative and productive with the help of cannabis.

Introverts are known to find peace and regenerate in quiet places after being around people or being active for too long. This is because it is known that introverts expend energy just by doing normal everyday activities.

Introverted smokers however combat this energy loss with different strains of cannabis. Cannabis that is high in THC, like hybrids or Sour Diesel, will immediately give you a boost of feeling alert and energized.

Strains with extremely high amounts of THC will also promote creativity and a give rush of focus  to the wiped out introvert.

Introverts are also lacking dopamine, which is released by the brain to feel a sense of happiness or reward coming from our surroundings. This means that introverts don’t release the “happy” chemical into their body as much as extroverts do. It is therefore hard for introverts to feel joy from large parties or concerts.

To combat this effect, the introverted smoker should pick strains that promote talking and a feeling of happiness while being around other people. These strains could include hybrids, such as Blue OG, which is known to ease social anxiety and nervousness.

Strains like Blue OG, also can help the introverted smoker tame down flairs of anxiety as well. Introverts are known to be nervous and have an anxious mind, however hybrid strains can easily help alleviate anxiety.

Cannabis is proven to help with chronic forms of anxiety by delaying the responses in our mind that trigger fear.

The biggest way to really upset an introvert is to tell them to, “come out of their shell.” Introverts find that most small talk or trying to network out of their shell is pointless and futile. This means that some introverts have trouble in social settings, such as work, a new class, or even school.

How Cannabis Can Help Introverts

Coming out of your shell can easily be improved by cannabis if you pick the right strain.

Strains that are sativa heavy, such as Laughing Buddha will help promote upbeat feelings, specifically improve your amount of laughter and giggles. This goofy kind of high will help the introverted smoker let loose and find happiness among friends.

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