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5 Containers To Store Your Weed

5 Containers To Store Your Weed


5 Containers To Store Your Weed

5 Containers To Store Your Weed

Marijuana can’t just be left out without a loss in quality. Plus, finding a place to store your weed efficiently can be tricky. If you just leave it sitting out in a sandwich bag, it’ll probably be dry within a days time. So if you want to keep your herb fresh as new, you may need to look around the house or go shopping for a proper storage container. No worries, we have compiled a list of the best containers to store your weed.

Why Proper Storage is Important

Exposing marijuana to light and air cause a decrease in aroma, flavor, and potency. This is why you can’t just use any bag or container if you want to keep your buds fresh.

When looking for a container, you should get something air tight, smell-proof, and protected from harmful light. Items that can be found around the house or purchased to help protect your herb.

Here’s a list of the best containers to store weed in. Options range from lowest price or household items to more expensive products specifically made to keep herbs moist.

Mason Jars ($0 – $1)

5 Containers To Store Your Weed

Mason jars are probably the best item commonly found around the house that can efficiently store your cannabis. Even if you don’t have one at home, you can find one at a thrift shop or garage sale for less than a dollar.

Boasting an air tight seal mason jars are ideal for keeping the smell of your dank contained. Mason jars have been around for over a century and have since been made in a wide variety of shapes in sizes.

We recommend throwing your herb in a bag THEN into the jar. It’s also better to store the jar in a dark place to avoid light from entering and diminishing the quality of your stash.

Smelly Proof Bags ($0.40 – $3.99)

5 Containers To Store Your Weed

For people looking to be extra discreet or planning to store their marijuana for over a week, we recommend putting your herb in a black smelly proof bag before putting it into your storage device.

This is for extra protection against light and better containment of scents. They can be found at your local smoke shop or online and buying just a few isn’t too expensive for the added security they provide.

Tight Vac ($7.99 – $19.99)

5 Containers To Store Your Weed

One of the most popular and efficient weed storage containers on the market is the Tight Vac. They feature a simple but effective airtight sealing mechanism, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Tight Vacs also come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They have containers made to store about a gram, and they also have ones made to hold multiple ounces.

As for colors they have a variety of colored lid options with clear, black or matching colored bottoms. We recommend going with a solid black base to block any unwanted light from hitting the herb directly.

Hydromate ($19.99)

5 Containers To Store Your Weed

Hydromate is a stash jar capable of returning moisture to dried weed. It doesn’t come in as many sizes, but it can keep the herb it does contain moist for weeks with the help of a boveda humidification pack.

The hydro made can store a quarter ounce of nugs or a half ounce of ground up material. The only downside being the fact that you have to replace the humidifier pack at least once a month but it’s worth it if you want to have to keep your materials as fresh as possible.

CVault ($16.99 – $37.99)

5 Containers To Store Your Weed

The best container for storing weed on our list would have to be the CVault. These containers are the best at bringing your dried out nugs back to life.

CVault containers come in a variety of sizes, with their smallest container holding an eighth and the largest one holding up to 10 ounces!

Each CVault comes with 2 Boveda Humidifier packets that keep your bud moist for 60 days straight. All CVaults also come with several sturdy latches to ensure an air tight and smell proof seal. And that’s what makes the CVault one of the best containers to store weed in.

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