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Thousands Sign Petition for Snoop Dogg to Narrate “Planet Earth”

Thousands Sign Petition for Snoop Dogg to Narrate "Planet Earth" | Green Rush Daily


Thousands Sign Petition for Snoop Dogg to Narrate “Planet Earth”

Planet Earth

When you’re high, there are few greater pleasures than planting yourself in front of a screen and partaking in some mind-bending visual stimuli. And it’s no secret that several movies, TV series and other videos were concocted precisely for that reason. But among the plethora of favorites, one series stands out as the pinnacle of visual pleasure for people who’ve just enjoyed some pot: the nature documentary Planet Earth.

According to Wikipedia, the 2006 British television series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit was a whopping five years in the making. It also happens to be the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC and also the first to be filmed in high definition.

Viewers of the program were treated to the silky British baritone of legendary broadcaster and excellent narrator of nature programs, Sir David Attenborough.

But now, a petition circulating the internet may be about to solidify Planet Earth’s place in cannabis culture for generations.

“Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Whole Season of Planet Earth” reads the title of a petition addressed to Animal Planet, Discovery Communications, the BBC and Snoop, whose given name is Calvin Broadus, Jr.

“We the people have agreed – we want Snoop Dogg to narrate full episodes of Planet Earth!”

The petition was started by Kelly Orton of Lincoln, Nebraska on January 18th, and has since garnered close to 50,000 signatures.

While relatively slow to gain momentum, the campaign exploded this past weekend thanks in part to some love from the Big Boss Dogg himself.

Snoop shared a link to the petition with his 8.4 million Instagram and 13.2 million Twitter followers on Thursday when it still had just under 8,000 signatures.

The idea was birthed from a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch called Plizzanet Earth, where Snoop adds his colorful, off the cuff commentary while watching footage of animals.

Now, fans are adamant that rapper and successful cannabis entrepreneur Snoop Dogg take over the narration duties for a whole season of the eye-opening BBC series, Planet Earth.

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