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Stockton University To Introduce Minor In Marijuana For Students

Stockton University To Introduce Minor In Marijuana For Students


Stockton University To Introduce Minor In Marijuana For Students

So far, 25 students have registered for Stockton University’s minor in Cannabis Studies.

A New Jersey university tucked away in the Pine Barrens wants to prepare its graduates for a future in the legal cannabis industry.  New Jersey has made some major moves this year to expand its medical cannabis program and push for adult-use legalization. By the time this year’s class graduates, there could be a thriving cannabis industry in New Jersey, which already hosts the largest cannabis greenhouse on the East coast. With career prospects for college graduates on the decline, that presents an exciting opportunity. And the prospect has prompted Stockton University to offer a minor in marijuana studies, just in time for the start of the academic year.

Stockton University in New Jersey Offers Minor in Marijuana Studies

Stockton University’s interdisciplinary minor in Cannabis Studies aims to offer students a foundation for understanding the burgeoning cannabis industry not just in New Jersey, but nationwide. The minor has a clear vocational focus and will expose students to different avenues of employment they might choose to pursue in the cannabis industry.

Stockton’s Cannabis Studies minor will consists of five courses: four required and one elective. All students will take Introduction to Medical Marijuana, a course on Cannabis Law and one on Cannabis History. An Internship Preparation course will introduce students to cannabis research and small business operations. The minor will also offer students hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in a variety of cannabis-related fields.

The final course in the minor in marijuana is an elective. Students can choose any related course that intersects with their interest in cannabis. So a student interested in cultivation might elect to take an Economic Botany course or a Hydroponics course. Those interested in starting their own cannabis business might choose to take Social and Ethical Considerations of Business. And those are just some of the choices the minor affords interested students. Stockton students interested in pursuing the minor can contact the program’s coordinator, Dr. Ekaterina Sedia.

Cannabis Programs Offer Students Unique Learning Opportunities

One of the most exciting aspects of Stockton University’s Cannabis Studies minor is the emphasis it puts on the intersectionality of the cannabis industry. Studying cannabis allows students to see how different fields relate and interact. How does law interact with commerce and agriculture, medical research with criminal justice policy, global commerce with local greenhouses? Dr. Sedia hopes Stockton’s new minor in marijuana will give students the chance to investigate these crucial relationships between business, law and health through the study of cannabis.

So far, 25 students have enrolled in the minor. Classes begin September 5. And while the program offers many chances for hands-on experience, students won’t be able to handle any cannabis. Except for qualified medical patients, cannabis is still illegal in New Jersey.

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