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Azealia Banks Shares Texts Suggesting Elon Musk Lied About Weed Use

Azealia Banks Shares Texts Suggesting Elon Musk Lied About Weed Use
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Azealia Banks Shares Texts Suggesting Elon Musk Lied About Weed Use

Now we know Elon Musk tweets on acid, probably likes to smoke weed, and maybe has a big dick. Thanks, Azealia Banks!

The bizarre and infinitely entertaining saga between Canadian pop artist Grimes, rapper Azealia Banks and Tesla/SpaceX founder Elon Musk added another page this week, with Banks’ Instagram account re-igniting speculation over Musk’s drug habits and his future plans for his companies. For weeks, Banks has been posting both confusing and revealing screenshots of conversations many say reveal the truth about the threesome’s relationships, a strange experience on acid and the potential legal trouble in which Musk has found himself over a 420 tweet.

Elon Musk, Azealia Banks and Grimes: The Continuing Saga

If all of that sounds completely incoherent, you’re not alone. Even Azealia Banks seems entirely lost as to what exactly is going on between Grimes, Musk and herself. So for the uninitiated, here’s a quick recap.

Grimes, a critically acclaimed Canadian musician, has been dating Elon Musk, the eccentric South African entrepreneur behind Tesla. In July, Grimes revealed she was working on a track with Azealia Banks. With Grimes working on tracks in Los Angeles, and Musk’s mansion also in LA, naturally, the three would meet there.

So they got together at Musk’s residence on August 10. But a few days prior, on August 7, Musk let fly a tweet that should probably have been more considered. “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured,” the tweet read.

“Funding Secured,” became an Elon meme almost instantly. And everyone began wondering why Musk would say $420 per share. Was Elon Musk’s 420 tweet actually a weed joke? Did one of the world’s most ambitious tech billionaires just reveal he was taking his company private and make a weed joke at the same time?

He claimed this wasn’t the case in an e-mail to employees shortly after the tweet caused chaos across the internet.

Does Elon Musk Smoke Weed and Drop Acid?

On August 12, Banks gave us another answer. In a series of Instagram posts, Banks reveals that Musk likes to tweet on acid. And when he comes down, Grimes apparently “coddles her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter while on acid.”

Whoa! Let’s back up a bit. What happened between August 10 and August 12? According to Banks, she lived out a real-life episode of “Get Out,” the Jordan Peele movie about a white family who abducts and “body snatches” unsuspecting black people.

“I should have stayed my ass in NYC,” Banks’ Instagram post said. “It was probably some weird threesome sex shit to begin with…..” Musk and Grimes had invited Azealia Banks to stay with them in LA, but told her she couldn’t bring her boyfriend.

Over the ensuing weeks, Banks kept the screenshots and Instagram posts coming, each one adding a new layer of intrigue and craziness to the plot. At one point, we learn that Musk somehow has Banks’ phone and is holding it hostage. We learn that Grimes thinks Musk has a huge dick, and that Banks just thinks Grimes thinks that because she’s skinny and has a tight pussy.

Then, Musk and Grimes unfollow each other and Musk drops off Instagram. Along the way, attorneys get involved. And yesterday, Banks dropped another bombshell: a series of screenshots of a convo between her and Grimes.

Azealia Banks Shares Texts Suggesting Elon Musk Lied About Weed Use


In the screenshots, Grimes brags that Musk “got into weed cuz of me” and that she inspired the $420 tweet. Apparently, Musk calculated the value of a share if he took Tesla private at $419, and rounded it up to $420 “for a laugh.”

In a New York Times interview from this month, Musk denied his interest in cannabis, saying it wasn’t compatible with productivity. And in the screenshot, Banks circles Grimes’ text and labels it “a pathological liar”. But what is the lie specifically? That Musk smoked weed because of Grimes, or that Musk is into weed at all?

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