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Does Blake Shelton Smoke Weed?

Does Blake Shelton Smoke Weed?


Does Blake Shelton Smoke Weed?

So does Blake Shelton smoke weed? We decided to investigate.

You’re probably wondering: does Blake Shelton smoke weed? The country star and longtime judge on The Voice certainly seems like a dude that would be into the ganja. We decided to take a deeper look into whether or not Shelton is a big-time stoner. Take a look at what we uncovered. You won’t be disappointed.

Who is Blake Shelton?

Blake Shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma on June 18th, 1976. He moved to Nashville Tennessee when he was 17 to pursue a career in country music. By 2001, he was signed by Giant Records. Shelton’s first planned single I Wanna Talk About Me, was actually given to Toby Keith. Ironically, it instantly became a number one single. Apparently, the studio didn’t think it would be a good fit as the first single of Shelton’s career and was given to Keith instead.

Shelton’s actual first single, Austin came out later that year. It was well-received and spent five weeks as the number one song on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. Shelton’s debut album Blake Shelton was considered a major success.  His second album, The Dreamer was released in 2003. It also produced a number one single in the song Baby. His third album, Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill was released the following year.

In 2007, Shelton released his fourth album Pure B.S. By August 2008, Shelton had his first set of back to back number one hits in Home and She Wouldn’t Be Gone. That year, he also released his fifth album Startin’ Fires. 

Shelton would go on releasing five more albums over the next eight years–Red River Blue (2011), Cheers, It’s Christmas (2012), Based on a True Story (2013), Bringing Back the Sunshine (2014) and If I’m Honest (2016).

Since 2011, Shelton has been one of the judges/coaches on The Voice. A member of his team has won in five of the twelve seasons thus far.

Puff or Pass?

Does Blake Shelton Smoke Weed?

So back to the question at hand, does Blake Shelton smoke weed? He hasn’t said as much in the media, but his songs might tell a different tale.

Specifically, the song Ready to Roll off his album Red River Blue. 

The term “ready to roll” is a pretty ambiguous term. However, it’s pretty clear he’s referring to rolling some weed in the song. Some lyrics include “We gonna burn all afternoon like it’s something to smoke” and “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to roll.” Ok, we could be reaching a little bit on that one. After all, cigarettes burn too. And the same can be said about rolling something.

However, take a look at this next excerpt. “You go grab those tater chips / I’ll whip up some party dip / And well kick back and take a trip.”

He’s gotta be talking about the munchies, right? And while people aren’t known to trip balls smoking weed, they certainly don’t from smoking cigarettes either. Certain strains can give you a euphoric, out of body high, so we’re gonna go ahead and guess that’s what Shelton was talking about. The fact that the song is about winding down after a long week all but solidifies this is a song about smoking weed.

Final Hit: Does Blake Shelton Smoke Weed?

So does Blake Shelton smoke weed? It’s hard to tell exactly. But it’s unlikely Shelton would just make up a song about smoking weed out of random. The country community has always been somewhat unsupportive of the weed industry, so it’s unlikely Shelton would make such a song without good reason. So despite the incomplete data, we’re still gonna have to go with a yes on this one. It’s OK Blake, keep smoking on the low. We certainly approve.

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