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Does Channing Tatum Smoke Weed?

Does Channing Tatum Smoke Weed?


Does Channing Tatum Smoke Weed?

So does Channing Tatum smoke weed? Let’s take a look.

You’re probably wondering does Channing Tatum smoke weed? Magic Mike himself looks like a total celebrity bro that would enjoy smoking the green, but he’s never really talked much about it. We decided to do some homework, and figure out whether or not Tatum is actually a big time stoner. Take a look at what we were able to uncover.

Who is Channing Tatum?

Channing Tatum is currently one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood, but it always wasn’t that way. In the early 2000’s Tatum started out as a background dancer and male model. His first on-screen gig was actually as a dancer in Ricky Martin’s 2000 hit song “She Bangs”. After modeling for companies such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Vogue, he eventually made his way to television, earning small roles on commercials. His big screen debut came as the character Jason Lyle in the 2005 Coach Carter. 

His breakout role, however, came in the following year in the dance film Step it Up. He continued to earn larger parts, including the role of Duke in the 2009 flick G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. He also played a soldier in the 2010 romance Dear John. In 2012, he landed the lead role in Magic Mike, a film that was based on his own experience as a male stripper in Florida.

He later landed roles in movies 21 Jump Street, it’s sequel 22 Jump Street Foxcatcher, and the Hateful Eight. He’s currently married to fellow actress/dancer Jenna Dewan.

Puff or Pass?

Does Channing Tatum Smoke Weed?

So back to the original question– does Channing Tatum smoke weed? Channing hasn’t said so much himself, but one of his closest buddies has let it slip that the actor does, in fact, toke up.

Back on an episode of the Howard Stern Show in 2013, Joseph Gordon Levitt went on to talk about his own weed smoking habits. The actor claimed he got his idea for the movie Don Jon when he was baked out of his mind. But the interesting part was when he talked about his smoking buddies. Or at least, one of his smoking buddies. He mentioned that one of the people he enjoys smoking with the most is none other than Channing Tatum. He also called Tatum out and said he was a “lightweight” compared to himself.

Additionally, there was a rumor of Tatum smoking back in 2012 when he was on the set of Seth Rogan’s This is The End. Apparently, the actor angered actress Emma Watson because he was smoking and drinking on the set. According to an extra who broke the story, Watson was so disgusted by that, and the ridiculousness of the scene, that she walked off set. Keep in mind, this is somewhat of a rumor. But it sounds legit to us. James Franco also echoed the story, without dropping any names, of course. 

Final Hit: Does Channing Tatum smoke weed?

While there wasn’t much information on Tatum and his burning habits, it does appear he does smoke. Or at least, when he’s with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Or on the set of a Seth Rogan movie. But judging how Gordon-Levitt called Tatum a lightweight, the actor may not be a regular smoker. One would think if he was a hardcore stoner like the rest of us, he would be able to keep up with Joe. Either way, it looks like Tatum at the very least smokes occasionally.

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